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Dee Jay Silver

In today’s music, it is common to hear a remix of some of your favorite songs; even heartfelt power ballads have turned into dance hits with the help of some of music’s most talented DJs. And just when you thought DJ’ing couldn’t become anymore unique, enter Dee Jay Silver, the first DJ to be signed to a major Nashville record label. Dee Jay has played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, but has ultimately found his home in Nashville. Whether he is touring with Jason Aldean and playing in sold out stadiums, performing on the American Country Awards, or remixing the work of some of country’s best known artists, Dee Jay is bringing his talents to the fans of country music in a myriad of ways. Dee Jay took some time out of his day of “bad television” while he recovered from the ACAs in Las Vegas to talk with me about his music, his favorite tour stop to date, and his future plans (which included getting back to Nashville stat!). 

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Andrew Pope

Andrew Pope Music

Andrew Pope (no relation to Cassadee, The Voice fans!) is a country musician from Alabama who isn’t afraid to dig deep into the roots of country music in his blooming career. Andrew’s first two singles, If Waylon Could See Us Now and Rowdy Side, were released in 2012. Andrew, who was signed to MillTown Music, released his first full album at the end of 2012. Andrew hopes to release his sophomore album in 2014 and we wanted to make sure that our Keepin’ It Country readers were able to meet Andrew and get to know the artist behind the music before his next big project. So, without further adieu, we introduce you all to Andrew Pope!

Anticipation Grows Over New Waylon Jennings Album

Waylon Jennings.

One of most anticipated albums this year is Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings.  And with longtime friends and fans of the legendary country outlaw getting a preview of the album, the buzz is continuing to grow.

There was never an artist like Waylon Jennings. It’s such a joy to hear his honest voice, his integrity and his quintessential badassness on this new record. What a great thing for posterity that these recordings exist and were finished by Robby Turner with such care and honor.  – Rosanne Cash

The pure beauty of Waylon’s voice – unlike any other I ever heard – has the powerful honesty and heart of the man himself. Like his outlaw companions Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, they broke the mold when they made him. I do believe ‘I Do Believe’ is the only one of these I’ve heard before, and I could listen to it forever.  – Kris Kristofferson

The songs on the album were recorded shortly before Jennings death in 2002.  Jennings wrote 11 of the 12 songs on the album and 11 of them have never been released before.  The album was originally recorded with Robby Turner and a decade later, Turner painstakingly finished the tracks to the specifications of Jennings.  Turner worked with musicians such as Reggie Young, Richie Albright, and Tony Joe White.

Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings will be available on September 11 through Saguaro Road Records.

New Waylon Jennings Album 10 Years After His Death


A brand new album will be released ten years after country music legend Waylon Jennings death in September. The new album will be filled with the final recordings made by the icon in his last few years. “Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings Of Waylon Jennings” will be released on Saguaro Road Records. Eleven of the twelve songs on the album were written by the legend, who recorded all the tracks with Robby Turner with just Waylon’s guitar and vocals, and Robby’s bass. The duo had planned out the rest of the instrumentals for the tracks together, but were never able to complete the album.

Ten years after Waylon’s passing, Robby is releasing the album as a tribute to his friend. He returned to the tracks to complete them with Waylon’s vision for what will be Waylon’s final album. He brought in musicians that had known Waylon to help honor his vision: Reggie Young, Richie Albright, and tour mate Tony Joe White.

“Waylon knows he’s surrounded by friends and all that hear this will feel as if they know Waylon in all his authenticity,” explains his widow, country singer Jessi Colter.

See the full track listing, and album cover, below:

Internet Sensation Julia Sheer Signs Management Deal

julia sheer

What do millions of hits on YouTube get you?  If you’re Julia Sheer, it gets you signed to Upward Management in Nashville.  The 19-year-old singer will be managed by Liesl Menning Haynie and Jason Greene.

You can bet your boots that Waylon didn’t do it this way.  But Justin Bieber did and it’s worked out pretty well for him.

It’s a new age and today’s artists have the benefit of an Internet audience.  In Sheer’s case, that audience is gigantic.  A few years ago she began posting videos on her YouTube page of her performing covers of artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry.  “Big deal,” you might say.  “Lots of aspiring singers post videos!”  True.  But very few of them rack up the views that Sheer has.  So far her videos have more than 42 million hits.  That includes more than 3 million views of her original song “You Will Never Be,” which she co-wrote.  In addition, she has nearly 200,000 likes on her Facebook page.

Whether all of these hits and “likes” will translate into record sales and concert tickets sold, is still to be seen.  Right now Sheer is writing more songs in Nashville and has begun work on her debut album.

Nope, Waylon Jennings didn’t do it this way.  But who’s to say Julia Sheer (and others of the Internet Age) can’t?  Stay tuned!