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Kellie Pickler Spends Holidays on USO Tour

Kellie Pickler USO Tour

We know Kellie Pickler is awesome, but then she does something like this and we are reminded just how awesome she truly is.

The country star spent the holidays in the Middle East with our troops on another USO tour, marking the seventh USO tour for Pickler.

Her nine-day tour was part of the USO’s “Every Moment Counts” campaign. The campaign was launched to bring appreciation and awareness to the everyday moments that our troops and their families miss. Visit www.USOmoments.org to send a thank-you to our servicemen and women, and find out how you can help.

Pickler tweeted: “Not every Christmas do you get 2 fist bump a soldier while hanging your feet off the back of a Chinook in Afghanistan.”

Thank-you is really not enough for our troops’ service and sacrifice, but we will still say it…. THANK-YOU!

And thank-you to Kellie Pickler for spending Christmas overseas and helping to bring them some joy and a bit of home.

Mustached Man Monday for Movember

Toby Keith USA

The second Keepin’ It Country Mustached Man for Movember is likely the most fitting on a patriotic day. As you all know, Toby Keith is as American as they come and he celebrates his love for his country in many of his smash hit songs.

Since 2002, Keith has made numerous trips to the Middle East to bring entertainment and encouragement to the United States’ men and women serving on, or near, the front lines. “My father was a soldier. He taught his kids to respect veterans,” said Toby. “It’s that respect and the thank you that we have a military that’s in place and ready to defend our nation; our freedom.”