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Kristin Chenoweth To Work OT For “GCB”

kristin chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth, star of stage, screen (large and small) and country singer, is about to attack the airwaves.  She’s going to be working overtime next week to promote her new ABC television series, “GCB” (which stands for Good Christian Belles.  Although for some, the “B” stands for something else!)

The TV series will be the main topic of discussion for the Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress, but at several stops she’ll be doing live performances.  It’s a safe bet she’ll be doing songs from her album, “Some Lessons Learned.”  The album was released in September and the ever-so-busy performer is still trying to find the time to get out and provide the album with more promotion.  After hosting the American Country Awards this past December, she said she planned on taking her country show on the road; making radio stations tops and scheduling shows.  We’ll keep you updated as that developes.

As for next week’s schedule, here’s the rundown: