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Jake Owen’s Stageit Show Raises Over $1000 For St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Jake Owen

Jake Owen kicked off CMA Awards week with a special gig.

On Monday night, he took his kitchen sessions live by performing his first Stageit show. All proceeds went to “The Jake Owen Foundation” to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Owen played a 45-minute set for fans all across the country straight from his house in Nashville.

As I said in a previous post, Stageit is this great and innovative website that allows artists to stream performances from anywhere in the world and bring them into their fans’ homes. Fans purchase tickets using the site’s currency called “notes.” Owen did not set a ticket price. He just asked for donations and whatever people were able to give.

The set list consisted of a mix of hits and fan favorites including his platinum song, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” “Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya,” and his current single, “Alone With You.”

Owen shared that he just filmed a video for his new single, chatted about his dogs as he brought them on camera, talked about Halloween, and gave a shout-out to some of his friends. He also thanked a fan from the Stageit chat room for serving in the military. Then, he called another fan on the phone who was the top tipper of the night and played a song at her request.

The show raised over $1000 dollars for St. Jude. Owen tweeted:

HOLY COW!!!! THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH!! We just raised over $1,000 dollars for St. Jude in 45 minutes by sitting in my kitchen and singing songs on StageIt.com.

It was a great night for an even greater cause. The show was awesome and I enjoyed every minute of Owen’s smooth vocals and charming banter. I look forward to another Stageit show from him in the future.

Thank-you Jake Owen, Stageit, & fans for raising money for such an amazing charity.

Jake Owen: Stageit Show Tonight To Benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Jake Owen

Jake Owen is taking his “Kitchen Sessions” live. He will be playing a Stageit show tonight to raise money for the “Jake Owen Foundation,” which benefits St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The show is set to start at 11:30 p.m. EST. Ticket prices are whatever you can give.

If you have not heard of Stageit yet, it is this awesome website where artists play shows from their living rooms, coffee shops, or anywhere in the world and stream it live through Stageit’s website. You create an account on the site, and buy a ticket for the shows using Stageit‘s currency called notes. Ten notes equal a dollar. Most shows cost on average around 50 or so notes. Sometimes, they are even free. And sometimes, they ask for a donation like Owen is doing with his show later tonight.

I have always been a fan of Stageit, and I am excited for Owen’s show. It is for a great cause. Grab your tickets. They will be going fast.

Here is the link: Stageit – Jake Owen


James Otto StageIt show

James Otto.

This Friday, July 29th, is James Otto’s birthday and he wants to celebrate it with his fans. He’ll be doing a Finally Friday StageIt show and you can watch from the comfort of your own home. StageIt is a way for artists to broadcasts shows from anywhere to anywhere. If you want to catch James Otto, the show costs 50 notes. If you go to stageit.com, 10 notes=$1. By going here, you can check the show info and buy a ticket. 50 notes is only $5. Where else can you catch a concert for that price? You will need to make an account but that’s quick and easy. Check it out and spend James’ birthday with him!

James Otto
Friday, July 29th
6:00pm, 30 minutes
Cost=50 notes ($5.00)

Less than 100 tickets remaining for James Otto’s internet concert

James Otto.

James Otto is giving fans the chance to watch him perform up close and personal from his home studio. Gaining popularity with artists today, his online concert will be hosted on the website StageIt. Otto will give his fans a sneak peak to brand new material not heard anywhere else and will be chatting live with his fans via the chat room hosted on the site.

Tickets are limited but are a bargain at $5 a piece. It’s scheduled to be a 30-minute show at 5pm PDT on June 2nd. StageIt is a brand new website that allows musicians to make money while interacting with fans all over the world, and giving them a front-row seat to a live stream.

“I know lots of you crazy Ottomaniacs will be in Nashvegas for Cma Music Fest. However, I also know there are some of you that can’t make it — so I wanted to do a live intimate concert for all of you,” said Otto. “Come check it out, I’ll at least be playing one new tune you’ve never heard before that I’ve just written, along with a couple old favorites. See ya then!”

To purchase tickets and to view the concert when he goes live, check out Otto’s StageIt page HERE.