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EXCLUSIVE: Carter’s Chord On “Love A Little Bigger”

Carter's Chord photo credit: Russ Harrington

It’s one thing to talk about making the world a better place to live.  It’s another thing to actually do it.   The members of Carter’s Chord, through actions and their song “Love A Little Bigger,” are making a difference and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Sisters Becky Robertson, Emily Fortney and Joanna Ott have partnered with international humanitarian organization World Vision.  It’s through that organization that they’ve been sponsoring a little girl in the Dominican Republic.

The siblings recently took a trip to Central America to not only meet their sponsored child, but also to get a feel for the work that World Vision does.  While there they took the opportunity to shoot the video for “Love A Little Bigger.”   The words to the song are inspiring, but when coupled with the honest, real-life people and places shot during the trio’s trip, they are even more impactful.

The Show Dog-Universal Music artists say their work on “Love A Little Bigger” has been extremely rewarding and the favorite thing they’ve done as a group.  If they sound proud of the song and the video it’s because they are and they have every right to be.   They are providing a positive message that aims to inspire action on both grand and small scales.

We caught up with Carter’s Chord to find out more about the video, the complete story behind it and what they and others can do to make an everyday difference.