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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Amy Dalley

amy dalley

To say that Amy Dalley is back, wouldn’t be quite right.  That’s because the talented singer/songwriter has never really been gone.  She hasn’t had the type of career that generates huge headlines — at least not yet.  But the story of her passion for making music would be in the biggest, boldest font imaginable.

The Kingsport, TN native started her professional music career by performing at Dollywood.  In 1994 she moved to Nashville, where she eventually landed a deal with Curb Records.  During her time with Curb she charted with several singles (including “Love’s Got an Attitude (It Is What It Is)” and “Men Don’t Change”), but for some unknown reason Curb never released a full-length Amy Dalley album.

It took becoming an independent artist to get that done.  In 2009 Amy and her husband, Jack Sizemore, released her debut It’s Time on her own label, Madjack Records.

Now it’s time for her second album.  Coming Out of the Pain hits the market on March 27th, this time with Rock Ridge Music.  But just like with her first release, her husband Jack plays a major role in the recording.  Her two children even play a part this time around, inspiring songs and more.

Amy heads into the release of her new 12-track album feeling confident and in control.  Just as it was back in her days at Dollywood, her career is powered by passion.  We still don’t know if that passion will find her headlines.  But more importantly, we do know it’s already found her happiness.

Continue reading for our exclusive interview where Amy discusses the album, enjoying her independence, a special release party everyone can attend and one song in particular that will lead to a lot of “bird” watching.