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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Rachel Holder

rachel holder

It makes sense that Rachel Holder recorded a version of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”  The 19-year-old singer is herself on the edge of, if not glory, what may prove to be a successful career in country music.

Yes, there ae plenty of other young, pretty singers out there with her, all vying for your attention.  But unlike some who might need a gimmick to grab that attention, Holder aims to attract it with one thing and one thing only:  Her talent.  She has a powerful, four-octave range that can both touch and amaze you at the same time.

We’ve already been given a taste of that talent with the release of her single “In Your Arms,” which only needed a few weeks to start impacting the charts.

Right now the native of Chattanooga, Tennessee is busy working on her debut album, Unstoppable, for Curb Records.  It’s being produced by Chuck Howard and Wilbur Rimes, who is LeAnn’s  father.  If he’s able to help Rachel find a fraction of his daughter’s success, then she won’t be on the edge of glory, she’ll be smack dab in the middle of it.

In the following interview, we talk with Rachel about her single, fans going gaga for her Gaga cover, who inspires her (plus her encounters with those people) and finding her way with faith.

VIDEO: Rachel Holder’s “In Your Arms”

rachel holder

It’s fitting that Rachel Holder released the video for her “In Your Arms” on this Easter weekend.  The powerful and touching tune is a love song through and through and can be interpreted many different ways — including ways that fit perfectly with this weekend.

The video made its premiere yesterday across all of the CMT platforms.  That would include CMT Pure, CMT.com, CMT Mobile and the CMT Insider app for iPad and iPhone.  It’s directed by Eric Welch, who also directed Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You.’

If you’ve never heard the 19-year-old native from East Tennessee before, prepare yourself for a delivery that is both sweet and strong.  The Curb Records recording artist is still working on her debut album.  It’s being produced by Chuck Howard and Wilbur Rimes, who happens to be the father of LeAnn Rimes.

Until her debut disc drops, her fans will have to be happy holding onto “In Your Arms,” which is also available on iTunes.

Keep up with Rachel Holder at www.rachelholder.com, on Facebook and Twitter @RachelHolder.