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Mustached Man Monday for Movember

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell always knew he wanted to be involved with music and used his musical knack as an outlet growing up. He moved to Nashville in 2002 and began playing piano for different artists, including Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd. Craig also became involved in songwriting and recording demos.

Craig eventually branched out on his own. His first song, Family Man, hit the radio in 2010 and peaked on the charts at 14 for US Country and 84 for US overall, respectively. Craig followed up his debut with Fish and When I Get It, both of which broke into the Top 40 for Country music. Perhaps Craig’s most noteable single yet has been Outta My Head, which hit airwaves in 2012 and became a Top 15 US Country Airplay song.

Craig’s album, Never Regret, was released in the middle of this year and peaked in the Top 30 for US Country music and Top 100 for US albums. Craig is currently out on the road performing his hit songs, as well as music off his two albums, Craig Campbell and Never Regret.

For more on our first Mustached Man of Movember, visit Craig’s official site at craigcampbell.tv.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Craig Campbell


We were lucky enough to sit down and talk to Craig Campbell recently and learn a lot about this singer/songwriter/fisherman who does NOT do interviews in his pajamas (trust us, we asked!).  With Craig’s five-track “Outta My Head” EP coming out today, we thought sharing this interview with our readers on this very special day would be a great way to celebrate this release.  Read further to find out about Craig’s trek up the ladder to a coveted music career, odd jobs, family life, and his “idiocy” when he first heard his own song on the radio.  Oh, and if you want to know what to get Craig for Christmas this year, you can find out his dream gift too!