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REVIEW: Nick 13 – Nick 13


California is not known for its country music scene.  Tiger Army, a psycho-billy rock group whose topics featured things like vampires and science fiction, never got country airplay. Now that we have that out of the way, we can focus on lead singer Nick 13′s solo venture into country music. Surprisingly … it’s good and as country as you can get. It makes me wonder why it took him so long to make the leap.

The album is filled with smooth, traditional-leaning songs from start to finish, sounding like something straight from the classic country vault. In the re-worked two tracks, “In The Orchard,” and “Cupid’s Victim,” Nick showcases his songwriting skills. The two songs have been reworked in a way that new listeners would never know that they were done differently in the past with a different sound. Nothing is out of place on Nick 13′s solo album.