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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts.

It’s fitting that we’re talking with Julie Roberts on the same weekend as the Daytona 500.  The “NASCAR Party” singer is revved up and ready to roll.

Her profile may have been a little bit lower the last few years, but the power and passion she brings to everything she does is at an all-time high.  She’s battled back from the devastating Nashville flood and finally finds herself on solid footing.  She’s managing living with multiple sclerosis and serves as an inspiration as she does so.

Musically, she’s about to make a splash on the small screen.  The video for “Whiskey and You,” from her independent-release album Alive, is about to make its debut.  The song touches Roberts on a deep, personal and painful level — all of which is reflected in the video.

Along with the video coming out, Roberts is itching to get out and about herself.  Fresh off a pair of shows in Maryland, she’s fired up to bring her music directly to her fans.

In the following exclusive interview, we discuss all of these things, along with her take on the independent experience, faith, Facebook and even “clones.”

The first thing I must ask, is how are you doing health-wise?