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ACM’s “My Cause” Featuring Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Foundation


ACM Lifting Lives announced today that the January “My Cause” web feature will spotlight Miranda Lambert and her charity organization, Muttnation Foundation. The web feature drives awareness of artist-supported charitable organizations and supports fundraising efforts for those philanthropies.

This month, “My Cause: Muttnation Foundation” highlights a foundation started by Miranda Lambert to support other organizations whose purpose is to build animal shelters for better care, increase pet adoption, encourage responsible pet guardianship, rehabilitate sick or unsocialized animals, fund spay/neuter programs, reduce euthanasia of healthy animals and train shelter dogs for purposes of therapy programs, assistance for wounded military personnel and dogs-in-prisons programs. Donations can be made to the charity using a donate link available with the video below.

Miranda Lambert Saves "Batman"

Miranda Lambert

It’s Miranda Lambert to the rescue — again!

This time she’s swooped in to save Batman.  No, not the comic book superhero.  Instead, it’s another dog that was either abandoned or lost.  Miranda found him, rescued him and gave him the Dark Knight’s name.

The other day the soft-hearted superstar (especially when it comes to animals in need)  made the following post with attached picture on her Twitter account:

And I Found this on the side of the road this morning. Dah-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman! (The theme song ):)

As we can see, the cute little guy has black across his face and ears, which makes him look like a little canine version of Batman.  Thus, the comic book character’s name.

Good For Giving: Miranda, Blake and Taylor

Taylor Swift.

Sometimes giving gets you something.  In this case, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift’s giving is getting them recognized.  All three appear on DoSomething.org’s just released  “Top 20 Celebs Gone Good for 2011”.