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Video: Kelly Clarkson & Jordan Meredith Cover Miranda Lambert


After having huge country duets with Reba & Jason Aldean, it’s safe to say that Kelly Clarkson is country music’s favorite pop star. She’s also dabbled in the genre as a solo act, releasing a countrified version of her own hit “Mr. Know It All.” However, this week, she took to the stage on ABC’s Duets with her partner Jordan Meredith to pay homage to one of the reigning queens of country, Miranda Lambert. Both singers admit to being huge Miranda fans (who isn’t?!) and we think it’s safe to say that their duet of “Mama’s Broken Heart” would make Mrs. Shelton proud.

Check out Jordan and Kelly’s amazing performance right here, and catch Duets on ABC.

Kelly Clarkson Releases “Mr. Know It All” (Country Version)

Kelly Clarkson MKIA Country Version

This week, Kelly Clarkson released a country version of her hit single, “Mr. Know It All.” Clarkson worked with producer, Dann Huff, to give the song a country twist.

@kelly_clarkson: “Hey everybody, I got to work with Dann Huff and recut ‘Mr. Know It All’ for country radio! I hope y’all like it!! I had a lot of fun recutting the song and getting the opportunity to work with Dann! It will be available on iTunes April 3rd.”

The track has been getting airplay on some country radio stations for the last few weeks. On Tuesday, the song was officially released to iTunes.

Clarkson has had two previous country hits. In 2007, Reba McEntire and Clarkson recorded Clarkson’s worldwide chart-topper, “Because Of You,” as a duet. The track served as the lead single for Reba’s album, Duets, and climbed to number 2 on Billboard‘s Country Chart. In 2010, Jason Aldean asked Clarkson to be his duet partner on the song, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” for his album, My Kinda Party. The song scored the number one spot on Billboard‘s Country Chart, and was a cross-over smash. The song also won the pair two American Country Awards and two Academy of Country Music Awards including “Single of the Year.”

“Mr. Know It All” marks Clarkson’s first solo country song. Make sure to download your copy and request it at your local radio stations!

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Kelly Clarkson Gives “Mr. Know It All” A Country Twist

Kelly Clarkson4

Kelly Clarkson does it all.

Since being crowned the first American Idol back in 2002, it has been said that she can sing anything. During her impressive ten-year career, Clarkson has proven over and over again that the statement is most definitely true! The two-time Grammy award winner is one of the few vocalists who can take on any genre with perfection.

Her pop and adult contemporary number one hit, “Mr. Know It All,” has now been given a country twist! A country radio station started playing the new version last night, and fans were immediately on top of the news. There is no word yet if this is an official single release, but we sure hope that it is!

We adore the worldwide singing sensation, and country music generally seems to share in our adoration.

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