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Morgan Frazier Premieres Video for Hey Bully

Morgan Frazier Hey Bully

Sidewalk/Curb recording artist Morgan Frazier‘s debut music video, Hey Bully, world premiered on act.mtv.com. The video addresses tough, real world issues and does not shy away from the truth about bullying. Morgan, who was picked on herself, to the point where she was taken out of school and home schooled thereafter, co-wrote the country tune with Sherrie Austin and Tiffany Goss.

“I am so glad that MTV is helping to bring this issue to the forefront, and I applaud act.mtv.com for encouraging folks to truly act on this and to join Stand For The Silent and myself. . . . I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kirk and Laura Smalley of Stand For The Silent everywhere from middle and high schools to major corporate headquarters to address bullying head on. The effects of bullying and the tragedies it can leave behind in today’s world must end. We made this video in an effort to get parents, kids and educators talking about the reality of this issue and to teach kids that suicide is not an option. One child lost is one too many,” says Morgan.

Morgan Frazier releases EP with Best Buy

morgan frazier

Rising country star Morgan Frazier has announced plans to release a 5-song exclusive with Best Buy. The Sidewalk Records artist’s Best Buy EP is available now through bestbuy.com until November 2013. The EP features her debut single “Yellow Brick Road” which she co-wrote with Jim Brown and Steve Clark. The song shares how hard it is to find a good man in an imperfect world by using references from the Wizard of Oz.

Other songs included on the EP are “Cowboy’s Ride,” written about all the bad cowboys she’s dated; “Halo,” which is about searching for positives when a man does you wrong; “Part Of My Show,” which is about her experiences in trying to forget someone and get over a bad relationship; and “Love Letters,” which wasn’t written by Morgan, but is a powerful ballad. I’m starting to see a theme here.

About releasing the EP, Morgan said:

“I am very proud of this EP, and I am really excited to debut it exclusively on bestbuy.com. If you get a chance to pick it up you will get insight into my life through my songs. I can only hope that my fans will be able to borrow my music and relate it back to their every-day lives.”

Look for Morgan out on tour this summer playing large festivals to headlining dates near you. Have you seen her live yet?

To purchase Morgan’s EP, visit http://bit.ly/morganEP