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Spend Valentine’s Day With Mitzi Dawn

mitzi dawn

If you’re looking for something a little different to do this Valentine’s Day (or you just want to avoid the whole thing altogether), might we recommend spending that night with Mitzi Dawn?   For those in the Nashville area, we mean that literally.  For everyone else, we mean it virtually.

We’re not talking about a date or anything like that, but we are talking about a party — the release party for Mitzi Dawn’s independent Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds album.  The event will be from 6:30pm – 8:00pm (CT) on Valentine’s Day at The Rutledge (410 4th Ave S.) in Nashville.  If you can’t make it in person, you can still take part in the party.  The event will be streaming live as part of The Billy Block Show.  You may access the free, online stream of the show by visiting The Billy Block Show Website.

“If you’re in the Nashville area on Tuesday, come celebrate with me!  I’ll play for 40 minutes with a full band.  We’ll play my record top to bottom,” she says about the party that is quickly becoming a family affair.  “My fiancé will be on stage and my son, Brandon, will be in the audience.  My other son, Shane, will be watching the live stream online (I’ll send him an “I love you!”) along with, hopefully thousands of people around the world that can’t be here.”

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Mitzi Dawn

mitzi dawn

Sometimes life takes you places you never thought you would go.  Sometimes those places are where you never wanted to be.  But if you’re strong enough, you can find your way back.  Such is the story of Mitzi Dawn.

To say that Mitzi Dawn is colorful is an understatement on many levels.  She’s fascinating, funny, and, yes, flawed.  She slipped into the darkness of self-induced drug and alcohol addiction, but has since climbed her way to the light.