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How Do You Solve a Problem Like…Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood The Sound of Music

As you may recall, we previously reported that Carrie Underwood would be taking on the role of Maria von Trapp in my all time favorite movie, The Sound of Music, for a one-time performance on live television.

NBC has released the advertisement (to be pronounced ad-vert-is-ment in honor of the queen, Julie Andrews) for the special re-make of the award-winning classic. The Sound of Music, Carrie Underwood-style, will air LIVE on NBC on December 5, 2013 at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST. Set your DVRs now for an epic television event!

And a word of advice from this extremely biased Keepin’ It Country writer (who absolutely adores Carrie Underwood), if you have never seen this movie before, please treat yourself to a showing of the Julie Andrews version first so you can truly appreciate the original and the adaptations made for this live performance of the film! Your life will be forever better after spending several hours watching cinematic perfection!

Carrie Underwood Is Heading to the Convent


How do you solve a problem like Maria? “The Sound of Music” fans everywhere have been long awaiting the answer to that question, first posed by Rogers and Hammerstein in their 1959 stage musical, adapted to film in 1965. Well country fans, Carrie Underwood may finally help answer that age old question, as Carrie will be portraying Austrian aspiring nun turned nanny, otherwise known as Fraulein Maria, in a live re-make of the classic movie. The live broadcast will air during the 2013 holiday season on NBC. Robert Greenblatt, the Chairman of NBC Entertainment, stated “Speaking for everyone at NBC, we couldn’t be happier to have the gifted Carrie Underwood take up the mantle of the great Maria von Trapp. She was an iconic woman who will now be played by an iconic artist.”

Congratulations to Carrie for signing on to such an exciting project! We have no doubt that Carrie will do the role of Maria Von Trapp great justice, as Julie Andrews did in the original screenplay.

This particular Keepin’ It Country writer could not be more excited about this adaptation of “The Sound of Music,” as the movie is, admittedly, one of MY absolute favorite things (along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, of course). Do we have any other diehard “The Sound of Music” fans out there who are already x’ing the days off their calendars for next year’s holiday season, counting down the days until this live broadcast will air? Let us know!