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Hunter Hayes Covers Nashville Lifestyles Magazine


Hunter Hayes is one of the hottest stars in Nashville today, and this month, he’s covering the latest issue of Nashville Lifestyles for their “Single in the City” issue.

In the issue, he chats about his favorite places in Nashville, including his favorite place to grab a burger, his favorite shopping locale and the place he’ll take you on a date. Regarding the latter, he says, “If I’m going to go on a date, I want to go somewhere where it looks like I’ve been there a lot, and it looks cool when you go to The Palm and everyone knows your name. Every once and awhile I’ll splurge and go there.”

And if you’re wondering what the highlight of being famous is, Hunter says, “Anything that has to do with this record and this past year. You’ve put out your first record, then comes the time where you prepare for your second record, amongst what’s happening with your first record good or bad, and you prepare for the stress and the pressure of it all…But the fun thing about all of this is that it just keeps getting more fun as we go along, as we get to the next thing. It keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.”

Miranda Lambert Covers February Redbook


Miranda Lambert has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and as the cover girl of February’s Redbook Magazine, she does just that. The article tackles every topic from Twitter and insecurities, to “being the bad guy” and her endearingly big-mouthed hubby, Blake Shelton.

And while she may look as tough as gunpowder and lead, Miranda is full of her own insecurities and insists she’s a big ol’ softy:

“I’m insecure about tons of things! I cry onstage once a week, singing ‘The House That Built Me,’ and I always tell the crowd, ‘Don’t tell anyone I was cryin’!’ Or ‘Over You,’ when Blake and I had all that loss in our lives.”