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Lucas Hoge Heading Back To Afghanistan

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We haven’t even reached Easter yet, but Lucas Hoge already has plans for Memorial Day.  His plans don’t involve family picnics or barbecues. But they do show that the “Give A Damn” singer truly does give a damn — especially when it comes to the military.

For the second year in a row Hoge will be performing for the troops in Afghanistan.  He’s returning to the Middle East as part of the Wrangler Western – Wrangler National Patriot Tour. The two-week tour will have him singing for our soldiers during the Memorial Day weekend.  For Hoge, that’s a “vacation” with value.

“I am really excited to hear that the Armed Forces Entertainment Wrangler National Patriot Tour is confirmed for May 2012,” says Hoge.  “This is the best group of people to travel with and this is by far the best group of people to go visit! Robi Powers, of American300, Jeff Chadwick of Wrangler, Kaycee Feild, World Champion Bare Back Rider, Annie Bianco, Maegan Redley and myself will all return to visit several bases throughout Afghanistan and over Memorial Day.  This tour means a lot to me.  I look forward to it all year long.  I love supporting our Military and will continue to do anything I can to let them know how much they mean to us!”

Before he returns to the Middle East, Hoge is taking part in a stateside salute for soldiers.  He has an April 15th concert with Rodney Adkins at the Wynn Casino Encore Theater in Las Vegas during NAB.  The show will support ThanksUSA, an organization that focuses on scholarships for military families.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Lucas Hoge

lucas hoge

There’s just something about Lucas Hoge that makes him instantly likable.  Maybe it’s his small-town roots (He’s from tiny Hubbell, Nebraska with a population of around 50).  Or maybe it’s his farm-bred work ethic.  Or maybe it’s how you can sense those things in both the man and his music.

He’s currently promoting his single, “Give A Damn,” and is putting the finishing touches on his self-titled album, which is due out near the end of March.  You may already have heard some of his music — not necessarily on the radio but on TV.  His “If I Only Could,” was featured on an episode of Smallville on the WB.  Plus, he has written and performed the theme songs for two shows:  The already mentioned “Give A Damn,” which is the theme song for Tom’s Wild Life on GAC and the title theme song for Last Chance Highway on Animal Planet.  If that’s not enough, he also wrote and performed a jingle for Lipton Tea.

The interview is the first time that I had spoken with Lucas.  Yes, he’s out to promote his music, but clearly there’s so much more to him than that.  It may have only been one conversation, but from it I could tell that he is truly compassionate and caring about people, pets, and, naturally, making music.  You’ll probably get the same sense about him after reading it.