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Krystal Keith’s debut single hits radio

Krystal Keith.

Congratulations to Krystal Keith! She will introduce her debut single to radio, “Get Your Redneck On,” this month. The first official release from her upcoming album Whiskey & Lace follows the Father’s Day and wedding sensation “Daddy Dance With Me.”

Co-written by Krystal and noted producer Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift, Shania Twain), “Get Your Redneck On” upends the familiar party anthem conventions for laid-back banjo and steel guitar-fueled river-float drifting:

   Muddy bank between my toes

            Kicking back while the river flows

            Wherever the hell it goes

            I don’t really care to know

            I just wanna hear a country song

            And get my redneck on

Keith is currently on her first radio tour in support of the song, though music fans are already becoming familiar with her work. “Daddy Dance With Me,” which she co-wrote as a surprise for her father Toby Keith, debuted at her own wedding.

Response was so great, she agreed to share it with her record label and the world. A video for the song generated more than a million views during the wedding season and the Father’s Day calendar window.

Oklahoma country stars reflect on tornado

Toby Keith.

Our thoughts remain with Oklahoma and the victims of the tornado earlier this week. Country music stars are also reflecting and praying for the region after an EF 5, the highest rating a tornado can receive, touched down in the region.

Toby Keith said:

“This storm has devastated the community that I grew up in. I rode my bike through those neighborhoods. I have family and friends in Moore. My heart and prayers go to those that have lost so much. But Moore is strong and we will persevere. God be with you all.”

Krystal Keith:

“Please pray for my Okie’s today and in the coming days. I am devastated to watch the footage from afar. Feeling pretty helpless today.”

Carrie Underwood:

“I’m thinking about and praying for my beautiful home state and the people in it tonight. Growing up in Tornado Alley, you always know what could happen. It doesn’t change how devastating it is when something does happen. #pray.”

Miranda Lambert:

“Pray. That’s all we can do. Pray for peace for Oklahoma.”

Blake Shelton:

“Just landed in LA and hearing about all the tornados in Oklahoma right now… Get somewhere safe!”

See more reactions below:

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Krystal Keith

Krystal Keith.

It’s been a pretty big last few weeks for Krystal Keith. The Show Dog Universal artist released her self-titled EP, and debut music video “Daddy Dance With Me.” We had the chance to speak to Krystal earlier this month about the release of her EP, music video, and the best advice she’s ever gotten for the industry, her upcoming full-length album “Whiskey & Lace,” surprising her dad, Toby Keith, at her wedding, crashing the stage as a child at her dad’s show, why she thinks Miranda Lambert is so bad-ass, and much more.

Make sure to pick up your copy of her self-titled EP, which is available now on iTunes or other digital music retailers, and get to know Krystal in our exclusive interview below:

VIDEO: Krystal Keith releases debut music video

Krystal Keith. photo: Show Dog Universal

It’s the big week for Show Dog Universal’s newcomer Krystal Keith, who finally released her four-song debut EP, as well as a music video that’s close to her heart. “Daddy Dance With Me,” a special song that serves as her lead single, is dedicated to her father Toby Keith.

Krystal explains why the song is so special:

“I wanted a song that honored him and was something special on my wedding day. So I wrote and recorded it behind his back. The idea was to have a song that no bride and father had ever danced to before; it was my gift to him.”

The song became so personal to country fans, that her label pushed-up the EP’s release to this week. Check out the official music video below and let us know what you think – we’ll be talking to Krystal shortly.

She’ll be releasing a full-length album “Whiskey & Lace” later this year.

Krystal Keith’s EP to be rushed out

Krystal Keith. photo: Show Dog Universal

The release of Krystal Keith‘s full length country music debut album Whiskey & Lace is still a few months away, but her record label is readying the release of an EP as the song “Daddy Dance With Me” builds a buzz.

Best known for performing a duet on national television with her father, Toby Keith, Krystal has focused a lifetime immersed in music on the upcoming release of her debut album. Prior to that release, however, the self-titled EP is being released by Show Dog-Universal April 16. The move was pushed by reaction to the track “Daddy Dance With Me,” which was an unexpected addition to the project.

“It was a complete surprise,” Krystal says of the song she wrote with Mica Roberts and Sonya Rutledge for her own wedding. “I wanted a song that honored my dad and was something special on my wedding day. So I wrote and recorded it behind his back. The idea was to have a song that no bride and father had ever danced to before; it was my gift to him.”

Needless to say, the accomplished singer and songwriter was stunned.

“He actually talked all the way through the dance,” Krystal recalls. “I think he was kind of in shock that I pulled one over on him. When I started telling him the lyrics, he said, ‘I’ve never heard a wedding song from the daughter’s perspective.’”

Pushed to include the song on her album, Krystal found others’ reactions were similar to her father’s. “I was just so excited to get it out there so other brides and dads could dance to it, too,” she explains. Encouraged by the early response, the label – co-owned by her father – advanced an EP release to make the song available for Father’s Day and summer weddings. A video will also be released on April 16.

Krystal Keith EP tracks:

Doin’ It
Can’t Buy You Money
What Did You Think I’d Do
Daddy Dance With Me

Toby Keith’s Daughter Recording for Dad’s Label


Toby Keith’s daughter is on the hunt for songs for her debut album under her father’s label, Showdog-Universal Music. Row Fax, a company used for signed artists to find song pitches, Krystal Covel is looking for balladsin the vein of Martina McBride and Jo Dee Messina. Mark Wright and her father are listed as producers for the project.

It looks like she’ll be using her father’s last name instead of her given name as Covel. Krystal Keith previously appeared on Keith’s “Greatest Hits 2″ album with a re-make of “Mockingbird” as a duet with her father. The pair also performed the single on the CMA Awards.

The 26-year old singer was promised by her father that if she finished college, he’d help her with her music career.