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Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams to support Haiti non-profit


Country music superstar, Brad Paisley, and his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, have lent their voices and finances to a very special cause for those in need. “Live Beyond,” led by Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool, is a local nonprofit with a mission that reaches around the world.  The “Live Beyond…Thirst” initiative provides clean water for households throughout Thomazeau, Haiti, a very poor suburb of Port au Prince. Volunteer teams go monthly to the region to assist in this project as well as offering aid to the people.

Brad and Kimberly have been motivated by the Vanderpool’s passion and are joining them by supporting “Live Beyond…Thirst” both financially and also as volunteers.  “Live Beyond…Thirst” is targeting establishment of 100 clean water collection sites as a foundation for improved community heath and disease prevention. The Paisley’s welcome country fans to join them in the effort by presenting  “The Paisley Challenge.”  Go to  bradpaisley.com to donate to the water project.

 “Going to Haiti really opened my eyes to the plight of these hundreds of thousands of people–many of them mothers, fathers, and children–who are our neighbors. With Live Beyond…Thirst, we can help give them a basic human necessity they have never had: Clean water. I want to show them they are not forgotten,” Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

 “Live Beyond…Thirst” will be featured as a cover story of The Tennessean’s Portfolio section this Sunday. http://blogs.tennessean.com so make sure to check out what it’s all about and see why the family believes in it so strongly. Is there a cause that you support as a volunteer or through donations?

REVIEW: Nashville – Looking Back and Moving Forward


That seems to be theme of the week in Music City. Everyone is looking back; remembering, questioning, regretting, and reminiscing their pasts and doing everything in their power to push forward to a better future. How, you may ask?

The return of Juliette’s mother has resulted in Juliette thinking about her childhood, which was filled with painful memories. Clearly Juliette’s mother is not the healthiest of parental units, as she is struggling with addiction and the mood swings that accompany the dependency. However, seeing Juliette witness her mother’s continual downward spirals shows us a deeper, darker side of country music’s sassy starlet. Think Meredith Grey, pre-McDreamy marriage, back when she was dark, twisty, Tequila Mer. That is what we have with Juliette, sans the Patron. Juliette finally decides, after some urging from Deacon, to allow him to step in and talk to her mother — addict to addict. Once Juliette’s mother recognizes that she is not alone and that someone understands her struggles, she agrees to be admitted into rehab … but not before she bids Juliette farewell — with a slap right across the face. And that, therein, was the final straw for Juliette, as she decides to let go of her home and move someplace new … someplace free of her mother and all remnants of her. In Juliette’s words, “anything she touched, I hate.” I’m pretty sure that Juliette is not telling her mother to “keep coming back” like the people in rehab are likely preaching at the end of their group sessions.

Nashville Review: The Rise and the Fall


Episode 4 started off with quite a bang…literally. We find Rayna and Deacon in bed together, only to find out Rayna was in a deep sleep, dreaming about her “duet partner.” Cinderella did say a dream is a wish your heart makes…looks like Rayna’s heart is speaking volumes to her head! In her recent state of perpetual guilt, Rayna agrees to sing at her husband, Teddy’s, political event to help bolster his chance to become an elected official like her father. The event is taking place at the country club, a place Rayna loathes, and who is playing alongside of her? Deacon, of course! As the day draws closer, we realize there is someone new in town and she seems slightly suspicious. And clearly there is a secret between her and Teddy, made evident by a conversation they had in private after the event. They call her Peggy, and this gorgeous gal looks familiar. ***Insert more Nashville cameo trivia!*** Can anyone name this country-music superstar’s wife who has joined the cast, for at least one episode, to raise our eyebrows about Teddy’s loyalty to Rayna? We will reveal the answer in next week’s Nashville Review! Oh, and who can forget the big coup d’etat between Teddy and Deacon, who are clearly fighting over Rayna’s affection without actually saying so? This marriage is becoming more and more rocky with each passing week, and with Peggy in the picture now, who knows what direction Rayna and Teddy will go? Rayna obviously sees the impact Deacon is having on her home life though because she has decided that letting Deacon go is the solution to her marital woes.

Brad Paisley’s Wife Joins Nashville Cast


Country music superstar Brad Paisley won’t be the only one taking over Nashville. His wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, has taken on a role in ABC’s upcoming drama series “Nashville.” Kimberly, who has been in various major acting roles ranging from “Father Of The Bride,” and as Dana on “According To Jim,” will play the character of Peggy Samper. Peggy is the ex-girlfriend of main character Teddy Conrad.

“Nashville” is gearing up to being one of the bigger shows on ABC later this year. Writers of the series include the team behind the “Thelma & Louise” movie, and the producers behind “The September Issue,” “War Room,” and “A Perfect Candidate.” The series is being produced by Gaylord Entertainment and is being filmed around the actual Nashville, Tennessee. The story follows a country music star who is trying to return to the spotlight and revitalize her career while a new, hot young star steals the spotlight.

The series will make its premiere on ABC on Wednesday, October 10th at 10 pm EST. Make sure to tune in and see how accurate Hollywood can make Nashville look.