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Killian Morgan. photo credit: Killian's Facebook.

Killian Morgan is a twenty-two year old singer-songwriter who has a fresh sound and a killer voice. She had a contract with a professional ballet company and was on track to have a professional dance career when she realized the playing her guitar and writing music is what made her the happiest. The result was that she left behind a career of dance to be able to pursue the world of music. She’s a sweet soul and hopeful we’ll get to hear big things from her someday. I was able to do a short interview with Killian about how she feels about her music and who some of her influences are.

 How would you describe yourself as an artist?

 I would have to say “passionate”.  I am passionate in the way that I live my life, and that extends to my music, as well.  I hope that as an artist, I reflect that passion, both through my songwriting and my performances.  As far as my sound or style as an artist, I guess I consider myself a contemporary country artist (with a little grit) who has firm roots in folk and traditional country music.