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Keepin’ It Country’s Top Albums of 2013


Although everyone on our staff loves country music, we have different tastes and don’t always agree. For this reason, we didn’t compile a comprehensive list of our favorite collective country albums of the past year. Instead, some of our staff picked their individual faves. Make sure to let us know your faves of 2013!

Jen’s Picks: 

Cassadee PopeFrame By Frame: I am admittedly one of those music lovers who listens to an album the first time and is simply incapable of forming an opinion. No matter how much I love the artist, I sit there with a blank stare after the first spin. So, in all fairness to the artist, I listen again. That was my experience with Frame By Frame. I listened the first time, and the true stand outs to me were, the already loved, “Wasting All These Tears,” “Easier to Lie,” “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart,” and “11.” And for me to find four songs I like in the first spin is pretty impressive. In subsequent attempts to listen to Frame By Frame, I have found myself loving every track and even using Cassadee’s debut country album to accompany me during long, tedious runs to help the time go by. Each track exemplifies Cassadee’s gorgeous vocals, versatility, and incredible range. Give it a whirl … you will be begging for more from this CRS New Face!

Dierks Bentley Accused Of Plagiarizing Song

Dierks Bentley. Photo credit: The Greenroom PR

As Twang Nation first caught on, there’s already been quite some Twitter drama to kick off 2012 in the country music world. Country music singer Jason Isbell has publicly accused Dierks Bentley of plagiarizing one of his songs with his patriotic new single “Home.”  Jason took his frustration to Twitter after hearing what he thought were similarities in the two songs:

“Dierks” has officially ripped off my song “In A Razor Town.” Dierks is a douchebag.”

He didn’t stop there, after fans of both sides started to get involved. Jason got right to the point with his next message to the singer:

“The song of Dierks is called “Home.”

Dierks’ latest single “Home” was inspired by the shooting of his hometown representative Gabrielle Giffords a year ago today.  The title track from his upcoming album was a co-write with Dan Wilson, Brett Beavers and Dierks himself, and produced by Jon Randall.

Dierks wasn’t shy on his opinion of the accusations, throwing things right back at Jason on the social media platform:

“@Jasonisbel “I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and @Danwilsonmusic ran with it.” -HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that is some funny shit!”

Dierks continued:

“JUST IN: “Nashville and LA songwriters running out of ideas..rushing to steal jason songs!”

Who do you think is right in this case? Did Dierks copy Jason’s song, or is he mistaken?