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Jason Charles Miller launches Screaming Robot/Eagle/Bear Tour

Jason Charles Miller. photo credit: TJ Scott.

Render Records’ Jason Charles Miller is hitting the road today with his brand new headlining Summer tour. The “Screaming Robot/Eagle/Bear Across America Tour” will take Jason across the Southern United States, starting in Anaheim, California. Check out his full list of tour dates below.

Jason is currently out supporting his brand new album “Natural Born Killer.” The album features his current radio single “The Way You Still Want Me,” which is currently number eight on the New Music Weekly Charts. Are you going to be heading out to see Jason Charles Miller on the road this year? Check out his full list of tour dates at jasoncharlesmiller.com.

VIDEO: Jason Charles Miller lends voice to Live 2 Die


Country rocker Jason Charles Miller is lending his talents to a brand new promo video for Live 2 Die. The video, which follows industry veteran Anthony Bauer, is actually pretty dang cool. Check it out below and let us know what you think about “The Way You Still Want Me” singer’s addition to the video.

Live 2 Die was founded in 2011 by industry veteran Anthony Bauer. The founder, chairman and chief executive officer built the brand based on the principles of living life to the fullest. The brand offers a wide range of styles in nearly every category and embraces the motto: “Get busy living, or get busy dying!” Live 2 Die clothing is made by people and for people who don’t follow trends; they set them.


Check out Live 2 Die’s awesome gear at live2diegear.com!

VIDEO: Jason Charles Miller – The Way You Still Want Me


Render Records’ Jason Charles Miller has finally released his brand new music video for his single “The Way You Still Want Me” – and he’s brought quite the eye candy for the guys. Check out the director’s cut of his official music video below and let us know what you think about this up-and-comer on the country scene.

REVIEW: Jason Charles Miller at The Whisky


Review courtesy of our guest columnist, Rei Nishimoto.

Country music has quickly grown into more than a genre best recognized by artists such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Over the past couple of decades, its image has expanded to include such new faces such as Jason Charles Miller, where he brings a new look and feel to a somewhat familiar sound.

At tonight’s show at the Whisky in West Hollywood, Miller and his band put on a solid set of familiar songs that captures what many would envision country music – bluesy Southern style melodies with a swinging feel that draws music listeners in immediately. Brothers (and twins), Adam Hall on the banjo and dobro, and bassist Zack Hall, along with fiddler Benedikt Brydem, drummer David Daniel Diaz, guitarists Willie Von Arx and Brett Boyett, all keep the band’s sound solid, and rarely misses a step throughout their set. His eclectic selection of musicians within his band brings out definitely helps solidify his overall sound into something worth checking out.

One area that separates Miller from many country artists in today’s scene is that his tattooed image creates an edgy imagine most artists in that genre do not necessarily have. In songs such as “Uncountry,” he humorously sings about their unwillingness to accept anything beyond the norm. On the other hand, he is still able to work in more traditional country sounding tunes into his setlist without straying too far away from the original feel of the genre. But in his own way, he is able to win fans over with his charisma and his strong vocal range.

While the debate wages on about whether Nashville is truly ready to embrace Miller and his so called alt-country sound with open arms, he has moved ahead and brought his music to the people instead. Tonight’s show was an indication that there is no stopping him from giving music to the people who want something outside of the norm.

REVIEW: Jason Charles Miller – Natural Born Killer


One of the things that stands out about country music is the story telling of its songs. It’s a sad state of affairs when artists today start to worry more about selling number one hits than they are about staying true to the story telling nature of the genre. That’s not the case with Jason Charles Miller, the latest artist to sign with Render Records in Nashville. He released his first album on the label on July 4th, and the Hollywood-based country singer is staying true to the genre – putting together an album of story telling songs on “Natural Born Killer.”

With the rise of rock infused country music, Jason might just be the hottest new thing to hit the scene. While he doesn’t dress or act much like Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton, he still put together one of the hidden gems of country music this year.

Jason Charles Miller Celebrating Album Release in L.A.


Big things are in store for Render Records’ Jason Charles Miller this year. His single “Up To Me” was already added to 35 radio stations across the United States, and the music video for his debut single on the label has over 120,000 views alone.

Now, Jason wants to celebrate his success, and his “Natural Born Killer” album release, with his fans and friends next week in Los Angeles. His show is at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood on Friday, June 22nd, and he’s giving his fans the chance to buy the album 2 weeks before its release at the party and concert. The full-length album features 10 brand new songs and will be released on July 4th. It’s an all ages show, and doors open at 6 pm with the concert kicking off at 10:30 pm.

We recently spoke with Jason on his big year ahead of him, and what country music fans can expect from the singer-songwriter’s first album on Render. Check out our interview with Jason here, and make sure you stop by his party next week!

VIDEO: Jason Charles Miller – Up To Me


Jason Charles Miller recently signed with Render Records and his new single, “Up To Me,” was sent out to country radio earlier this week. The song, a co-write by Jason with Joe Doyle, is from his upcoming album with Render. The music video was directed by A.J. Rickert-Epstein and is out now.

Check out the official music video for his single and make sure you read our interview with Jason from earlier this week. Let us know what you think about Render’s newest artist below:

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jason Charles Miller


Jason Charles Miller is definitely not your ordinary urban cowboy. Rather, he represents the dark, gritty side of country music – the type of country music that should receive more acknowledgement than it does.

Regardless, this Virginia native knows his way around the entertainment industry. Although he might be most known for heading the rock band Godhead, Jason has travelled many paths throughout his life. His impressive resume includes writing, producing, voiceover recording and acting. If that wasn’t enough, Jason is busy overseeing his own recording studio, Central Command Studios.

We caught up with Jason today to talk about the release of his new single “Up To Me,” his recent signing with Render Records, how he feels about the music industry and what he has to offer.

We can promise you that this man has a mind and heart evident in both his thoughts and music that any country music fan could appreciate and love. Take a look for yourself:

Jason Charles Miller Signs With Render Records


Congratulations to the team at Render Records and Jason Charles Miller! Jason, the front man for Godhead, sold over 200,000 albums as part of the rock group but now will be taking on a solo venture and rediscovering his Virginia roots with his first release on the label due out later this year. His lead-off single “Up To Me” will be sent out to radio May 1st. His influences include country music greats Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Neil Y0ung, and Johnny Cash.

“Jason is no stranger to success or the hard work it takes to achieve it. As unique as he is, I know that Jason will fit right in with the rest of our artist roster. His music is groundbreaking, the second I heard it I not only wanted him on the label, but I became a fan. He knows who he is as an artist and his music reflects his passion and understanding of the country format and it’s diverse audience. When I look at our roster, I see different pieces of a puzzle that come together and make an amazing portrait. Not having Jason would leave us without a crucial piece of that puzzle. I am excited to have him join us at Render and help us complete our music masterpiece” says Render Records Co-Founder Steve Freeman

Jason has been featured in some of music’s top magazines such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guitar World and many more. His music has been featured on MTV, MTV2, Fuse and VH1. Make sure you keep your ears peeled to your local radio for his single and let us know what you think!


REVIEW: Jason Charles Miller – Uncountry

Jason Charles Miller. photo credit: TJ Scott.

Usually when an artist wants to cross-over and try his hand with country music it doesn’t always go like they planned. Jason Charles Miller, better known as the frontman of Godhead, released his debut country solo album back in October. “Uncountry” is a surprisingly country album that most mainstream fans may not have heard of. Jason embraced his songwriting roots with an album filled with a Kris Kristofferson or a Merle Haggard flavor.

His solo career was launched on HBO’s hit series “True Blood” with his single “You Get What You Pay For” and it’s been on the rise since then. Jason has opened for Toby Keith, Gary Allan, and Eric Church, three artists he could comfortably compare to in the industry today. His classic country influence is obvious on the record, which proves that Los Angeles and Nashville have more in common than people thought.

Jason has one of the most “country” voices this year, which deserves more attention than it’s been getting. “Uncountry” is one of the more pure-country albums of 2011 and it rocks. For fans of Eric Church it’s a must-have. Fans will be surprised at how easily Jason can fit into country music with his rock pedigree. It’s not a spur-of-the-moment venture: he’s been playing country music for quite some time. He co-wrote or wrote every track on the 10-song album. Much like his title track says, there’s nothing uncountry about him.