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Calling All Kelly Clarkson Country Critics!


If you are a frequent visitor of this website, you know that the staff here recognizes, appreciates, and, well, flat out loves us some Kelly Clarkson. We have always embraced her as a country music stepchild and, now, country music itself has made it more official and has clearly adopted her into their family. However, it seems that some country music fans out there are struggling with the genre’s “newcomer.” We would love to say we understand the conundrum, but we don’t. Maybe it is because we know Kelly’s relationship with country music isn’t nearly as new as people may believe. In fact, to us, it was only a matter of time before pop-rock, man bashing Kelly turned the corner and embraced her musical roots. So, for all of you nay-sayers out there, we have compiled a Top 10 list to show you just why Kelly Clarkson going country makes perfect sense.

Preparing For a Hurricane? Download These Storm Savvy Songs!

This post is aimed at (primarily) my fellow Floridians as they anticipate and prepare for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. All of you who have been through one of these dreaded storms know that when the electricity goes out, it can be days (sometimes weeks) before it is restored. We at Keepin’ It Country thought it would be fun to give you some last minute storm savvy tunes to load on to your iPods. Hey, if you can’t avoid Isaac, welcome him with open arms … and great weather-related music!

Texaco Country Showdown Launches

Miranda Lambert.

Have you ever wanted to follow the footsteps of Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley or Garth Brooks? All three artists once competed in the Texaco Country Showdown, and the competition is returning this year thanks to KHSR in Coos Bay, OR. It’s the eighth season for “Texaco Country Showdown: America’s Largest Country Music Talent Search” and the first audition round is happening on May 10th. If you want to see if you have what it takes to be the next big name in country music, then stop by for the auditions at 7 pm PST at the Hales Center For The Performing Arts at Southwestern Community College. The auditions are open to the public and anyone is welcome to try-out for the competition by registering first.

Over 450 radio stations annually hold local events which lead up to the National Final on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The finalists that make it to the National Final will compete for the title of “Best New Act in Country Music” and  $100,000 in prizes. Past winners at local, state and national levels include Miranda, Brad, Garth, Neal McCoy and Billy Ray Cyrus. For more information, visit the Texaco Country Showdown official website.

Garth Brooks Coming To Canada!

Garth Brooks.

We didn’t see this one coming! In what might just be the biggest Canadian festival announcement of 2012, the Calgary Stampede has announced that country music legend Garth Brooks will perform with a full band on July 12th, 2012. Tickets, which probably won’t last long, will go on-sale Tuesday at noon local time. It’s the 100th anniversary of the historic event, and looks like they’ve picked the perfect man to help celebrate it with.

The Stampede takes place July 6th to the 15th this year. Other announced performers so far include Brad Paisley and The Band Perry.

Garth Brooks, Connie Smith & Hargus Robbins Are Hall Of Fame Bound

Garth Brooks.

The Country Music Association announced today their three newest members to the Hall of Fame. Garth Brooks, Connie Smith and Hargus “Pig” Robbins will be inducted in ceremonies later this year. Garth will be part of the “Modern Era Artist” category, Connie in the “Veterans Era Artist” category, and Hargus in the “Recording And/Or Touring Musician Active Prior to 1980″ category. Hargus’ category is only added to every third year, usually rotated with the “Non-Performer” and the “Songwriter” categories. These three additions will increase the total members of the Country Music Hall of Fame from 115 to 118 members.

Garth was a little overwhelmed over the honor, thinking first about many other artists that he felt are just as deserving to be given the title:

“I am astounded and honored to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. At the same time, I can’t help but feel guilty going in when there are so many deserving artists that came before me who are yet to be inducted.”

Hargus is feeling just as lucky over the news. On relieving the call:

“I just couldn’t believe it the other day when Steve Moore called and informed me that I had been chosen to become one of the new members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. All I could say was ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Well, I have always considered myself lucky, and I guess my good luck has struck again. I am so honored to be named one of the new members.”

Connie has performed at a few inductions over the years, but never did she think she would have her own:

“I’ve had the privilege of participating in several Hall of Fame inductions. They were all very special. But now to become a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame myself is an honor for me and my family. So touching, it’s difficult to find the words to express my gratitude.”

Congratulations to all three inductees! They are all very deserving. A date for their induction will be announced later this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Lucas Hoge

lucas hoge

There’s just something about Lucas Hoge that makes him instantly likable.  Maybe it’s his small-town roots (He’s from tiny Hubbell, Nebraska with a population of around 50).  Or maybe it’s his farm-bred work ethic.  Or maybe it’s how you can sense those things in both the man and his music.

He’s currently promoting his single, “Give A Damn,” and is putting the finishing touches on his self-titled album, which is due out near the end of March.  You may already have heard some of his music — not necessarily on the radio but on TV.  His “If I Only Could,” was featured on an episode of Smallville on the WB.  Plus, he has written and performed the theme songs for two shows:  The already mentioned “Give A Damn,” which is the theme song for Tom’s Wild Life on GAC and the title theme song for Last Chance Highway on Animal Planet.  If that’s not enough, he also wrote and performed a jingle for Lipton Tea.

The interview is the first time that I had spoken with Lucas.  Yes, he’s out to promote his music, but clearly there’s so much more to him than that.  It may have only been one conversation, but from it I could tell that he is truly compassionate and caring about people, pets, and, naturally, making music.  You’ll probably get the same sense about him after reading it.

The Cuteness Of Kimberly Perry

The Band Perry. photo credit: Big Machine

The thing about being in an all-family band is that your band mates are bound to have lots and lots of pictures of you.  And they might get around to sharing those pictures.  Such is the case with The Band Perry and this cute pic of a young Kimberly Perry.

The picture was posted on TBP’s Facebook page.  We don’t know if it was put up by Neil, Reid or even by Kimberly herself.  What we do know is that it shows that Kimberly knew what she wanted to do from even a super-young age.  The caption on the pic says:  “Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Miss Kimberly Perry (at age 5). :)”

Kimberly is now 28, which means the pic was taken about 23 years ago.  That puts us at around 1989.  That means she could be singing Garth Brooks’“If Tomorrow Never Comes,” or “Deeper than The Holler” by Randy Travis or, and this would be kinda funny, Dolly Parton’s “Why’d Ya Come In Her Lookin’ Like That.”

VIDEO: JT Hodges Shares Garth Brooks Cover For Valentine’s Day


It’s the one day of the year fully dedicated to celebrating love – Valentine’s Day! JT Hodges shared a special gift with his fans today, a cover one of his favorite love songs, “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.

JT does a beautiful rendition of the song and you can listen and watch him perform it below!

His new single “Goodbyes Made You Mine” is available starting today at all digital media outlets. Check it out here

Video Picks Of The Week: February 5, 2012

Chuck Wicks

Hello friends…

We give you our latest “Video Picks of the Week!”

Music Video

This week’s music video is The Wreckers‘ number one hit single, “Leave The Pieces.” I have always been a big Michelle Branch fan so when she formed The Wreckers with Jessica Harp back in 2005, I was excited to check out their music. Their album Stand Still, Look Pretty is still one of my favorite country albums, and is comprised of some really great music. The girls returned to their solo careers after just one record, but the duo is still one of my favorite country groups and I hope to hear more country music from Branch and Harp in the future. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Branch’s new mainstream album that is slated to drop this year.


Continue reading to check out our live performance and cover song video picks…

Garth Brooks Heading To Court

Garth Brooks.

When Garth Brooks donated $500,000 to a hospital in his home-town of Yukon, the only thing he wanted attached to the donation was for the hospital to name a wing after his mother, Colleen Brooks, who tragically lost her battle from cancer in 1999. The hospital notified him in 2008 that they would not honor that promise and no naming rights were part of his monetary donation. That’s when Garth decided to file a lawsuit against the hospital, who refused to return his money. The hospital called the donation “anonymous and unconditional.” The Tulsa hospital, meanwhile, has undergone $27 million in expansion but a Colleen Brooks wing was never part of that expansion. Garth is suing the hospital for breech of contract and for punitive damages.

As Tulsa World reports, the hospital first approached the Brooks family in late 2003 and early 2004 to try to start courting the country music superstar into a donation. During meetings with the hospital, Garth was presented with building mock-ups with his mother’s name in neon lights on the side of a building. Garth’s lawsuit also claims that hospital officials continued to make him believe that they would be naming the building after Colleen, even discussing a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the superstar.

He donated $500,000 to Integris on December 30, 2005. It wasn’t until September 2008 where Garth was made aware that they were no longer going to name a building after his mother. The trial begins this afternoon in an Oklahoma courtroom.