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DVR Alert: The Roys On PBS’ “Music Voyager”

The Roys.

Talk about some exposure!  The Roys will be taking their bluegrass around the world with a special television voyage.

Siblings Lee and Elaine will be appearing on the PBS program “Music Voyager,” which premieres worldwide on February 24.  The episode is part of the Music Voyager international music and travel series, and takes viewers to various destinations around the world.  For their episode, Music Voyager: Tennessee, host Jacob Edgar caught up with The Roys at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop where they chatted aboard Tubb’s touring bus and performed their previous hit single, Coal Minin’ Man.

If you doubt the power of public television, consider this:  “Music Voyage” will make its way into 170 million homes in 140 countries and broadcast in 33 languages.  Like I said, talk about some exposure!  To learn more about the popular series, go to musicvoyager.com.