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Another Tim McGraw Track Released

Tim McGraw

Curb Records has released another song from Tim McGraw‘s upcoming album, Emotional Traffic. As we previously posted, McGraw’s album was recently pushed back a week and will be out on January 24th.

The new track is entitled “The One That Got Away” and is now the fourth cut from the album to be released. The song is available for download on iTunes along with the previous releases: “Right Back Atcha Babe,” “Better Than I Used To Be,” and his hit, “Felt Good On My Lips.”

A fifth and final track is set to be released as a digital single before the album drop date.



Tim McGraw’s Album Release Pushed Back

Tim McGraw

As you know, it has been quite a struggle for Tim McGraw to release his upcoming album, Emotional Traffic.

After a legal battle with Curb Records, a Nashville court freed McGraw from his contract and permitted him to sign elsewhere. Since the decision, the label has been releasing singles to radio and finally set a date for the album.

Last month, it was reported that the album would drop on January 17th. However, Emotional Traffic is now being pushed back another week and is expected to be released on January 24th.

Tim McGraw Wins Legal Battle

Tim McGraw

It’s a victory for Tim McGraw.

Today, the country music superstar won part of the legal battle with his label, Curb Records.

McGraw signed the contract at issue with Curb back in 1997. The contract obligated McGraw to Curb for five original albums, and further specified a minimum 18-month period between album releases.

Curb brought suit against McGraw for breach of contract claiming that he delivered his latest album, Emotional Traffic, too soon after his last release, and thus, it does not count as his fifth album satisfying his contractual obligation. Consequently, Curb has refused to release Emotional Traffic even though one of the singles, “Felt Good On My Lips,” has already become a number one hit.

McGraw responded with a countersuit maintaining that the label has kept him in a state of “involuntary servitude” by purposely stretching out the length of  his contract and putting his career on hold.

Curb requested a temporary or permanent injunction to prevent McGraw from recording or signing with another label. However, a Nashville court ruled today that McGraw is free to record for another label or independently while the lawsuit is being settled.

The trial for the breach of contract claim and damages will be held in July 2012.

It is not yet known what Curb Records will do regarding the release of Emotional Distress. However, after today’s decision, the label released a second single, “Better Than I Used To Be.”