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Curb Records taking Tim McGraw back to court

Tim McGraw.

Just when everyone thought the Curb Records vs. Tim McGraw court battle was finally done, Tim’s former record label threw a curve ball. The label won its battle to take the case to a Federal Court, and have sent us their response to the news. Check out why Curb Records says they’re so happy to be going back to court against Tim McGraw and his new record label Big Machine Records.

The following is a statement sent out by Curb Records:

Curb Records, Inc. was pleased to learn that Nashville’s Federal Court took jurisdiction of Curb Records’ continuing lawsuit with Tim McGraw and Big Machine Records. The lawsuit raises issues of tremendous significance which are important not only to Curb Records, but also to the recording industry and many other industries – the enforceability of contracts in Tennessee. Curb Records contends in the lawsuit that:

  • McGraw ignored his obligation to deliver his required Fifth Option Period album to Curb Records; and
  • The album he did provide, Emotional Traffic, consisted of old material recorded before the time during which he was permitted to record the Fifth Option Period album; and
  • McGraw ignored his delivery obligations and Curb Records’ approval rights; and
  • McGraw destroyed or erased many recordings owned by Curb Records; and
  • McGraw refused to accept his recording advance check and sent the check back to Curb Records so that McGraw could claim non-payment; and
  • McGraw attempted to deliver the required Fifth Option Period album before he was allowed to do so, attempting to end his recording obligations prematurely, among other things.

Tim McGraw Finds Out Who His Friends Are

Tim and Friends

As we found out years ago, Tim McGraw, along with country music pals, Kenny Chesney and Tracy Lawrence, found out who his friends are. Well, Tim has teamed up with those friends to create a compilation disc, entitled “Tim McGraw & Friends,” scheduled for release by Curb Records on January 22, 2013. Colt Ford helped Tim out on the track, “Twisted,” which will be the first single off the special compilation disc. The album will be exclusively available at Walmart and will include 11 individual tracks:

Curb Records Releases Statement on Appeal Ruling

Tim McGraw.

Curb Records released a statement today regarding the ruling of the appeal case of the record label against superstar Tim McGraw. See what they said and let us know what you think:

The fundamental issue in this case is whether Tim McGraw fully performed under his contract with Curb Records. That issue has yet to be ruled on by any court, and will be the subject of a full trial on the merits scheduled for later this year. As to that fundamental issue, however, the Court of Appeals in its ruling yesterday reiterated the earlier sentiment expressed by the trial court that Curb Records has shown some likelihood of success on its breach of contract claims, and that Curb Records will be entitled to seek to recover compensatory damages from Mr. McGraw at the upcoming trial.

The only legal effect of the ruling by the Court of Appeals yesterday was to affirm the trial court’s earlier decision that one of the remedies requested by Curb Records against Mr. McGraw, injunctive relief (i.e., a ruling by the court preventing Mr. McGraw from recording elsewhere until he had fully performed under his recording agreement with Curb Records), was not appropriate under the particular facts and circumstances of this case. We respectfully disagree with today’s ruling by the Court of Appeals on that issue, and we intend to continue to pursue this issue, including through the further appeals process as appropriate, in light of the significance of the underlying principles involved.

Those principles include our belief that contracts must be enforced as written, and in particular that exclusive personal services agreements with individuals, such as Mr. McGraw, who possess unique and extraordinary talent, must be subject to enforcement by injunctive relief. This is particularly true in the music industry, where companies invest millions of dollars based on the enforceability of such exclusivity provisions. As such, the principles involved are material not just to Curb Records, but to the viability of the music industry in Tennessee as a whole, as well as all other industries that contract with such unique and extraordinary talents.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Rachel Holder

rachel holder

It makes sense that Rachel Holder recorded a version of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”  The 19-year-old singer is herself on the edge of, if not glory, what may prove to be a successful career in country music.

Yes, there ae plenty of other young, pretty singers out there with her, all vying for your attention.  But unlike some who might need a gimmick to grab that attention, Holder aims to attract it with one thing and one thing only:  Her talent.  She has a powerful, four-octave range that can both touch and amaze you at the same time.

We’ve already been given a taste of that talent with the release of her single “In Your Arms,” which only needed a few weeks to start impacting the charts.

Right now the native of Chattanooga, Tennessee is busy working on her debut album, Unstoppable, for Curb Records.  It’s being produced by Chuck Howard and Wilbur Rimes, who is LeAnn’s  father.  If he’s able to help Rachel find a fraction of his daughter’s success, then she won’t be on the edge of glory, she’ll be smack dab in the middle of it.

In the following interview, we talk with Rachel about her single, fans going gaga for her Gaga cover, who inspires her (plus her encounters with those people) and finding her way with faith.

VIDEO: Rachel Holder’s “In Your Arms”

rachel holder

It’s fitting that Rachel Holder released the video for her “In Your Arms” on this Easter weekend.  The powerful and touching tune is a love song through and through and can be interpreted many different ways — including ways that fit perfectly with this weekend.

The video made its premiere yesterday across all of the CMT platforms.  That would include CMT Pure, CMT.com, CMT Mobile and the CMT Insider app for iPad and iPhone.  It’s directed by Eric Welch, who also directed Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You.’

If you’ve never heard the 19-year-old native from East Tennessee before, prepare yourself for a delivery that is both sweet and strong.  The Curb Records recording artist is still working on her debut album.  It’s being produced by Chuck Howard and Wilbur Rimes, who happens to be the father of LeAnn Rimes.

Until her debut disc drops, her fans will have to be happy holding onto “In Your Arms,” which is also available on iTunes.

Keep up with Rachel Holder at www.rachelholder.com, on Facebook and Twitter @RachelHolder.

Another Tim McGraw Track Released

Tim McGraw

Curb Records has released another song from Tim McGraw‘s upcoming album, Emotional Traffic. As we previously posted, McGraw’s album was recently pushed back a week and will be out on January 24th.

The new track is entitled “The One That Got Away” and is now the fourth cut from the album to be released. The song is available for download on iTunes along with the previous releases: “Right Back Atcha Babe,” “Better Than I Used To Be,” and his hit, “Felt Good On My Lips.”

A fifth and final track is set to be released as a digital single before the album drop date.



Tim McGraw’s Album Release Pushed Back

Tim McGraw

As you know, it has been quite a struggle for Tim McGraw to release his upcoming album, Emotional Traffic.

After a legal battle with Curb Records, a Nashville court freed McGraw from his contract and permitted him to sign elsewhere. Since the decision, the label has been releasing singles to radio and finally set a date for the album.

Last month, it was reported that the album would drop on January 17th. However, Emotional Traffic is now being pushed back another week and is expected to be released on January 24th.

Tim McGraw Wins Legal Battle

Tim McGraw

It’s a victory for Tim McGraw.

Today, the country music superstar won part of the legal battle with his label, Curb Records.

McGraw signed the contract at issue with Curb back in 1997. The contract obligated McGraw to Curb for five original albums, and further specified a minimum 18-month period between album releases.

Curb brought suit against McGraw for breach of contract claiming that he delivered his latest album, Emotional Traffic, too soon after his last release, and thus, it does not count as his fifth album satisfying his contractual obligation. Consequently, Curb has refused to release Emotional Traffic even though one of the singles, “Felt Good On My Lips,” has already become a number one hit.

McGraw responded with a countersuit maintaining that the label has kept him in a state of “involuntary servitude” by purposely stretching out the length of  his contract and putting his career on hold.

Curb requested a temporary or permanent injunction to prevent McGraw from recording or signing with another label. However, a Nashville court ruled today that McGraw is free to record for another label or independently while the lawsuit is being settled.

The trial for the breach of contract claim and damages will be held in July 2012.

It is not yet known what Curb Records will do regarding the release of Emotional Distress. However, after today’s decision, the label released a second single, “Better Than I Used To Be.”

Tim McGraw Sets Court Date

Tim McGraw.

Looks like things are finally going to get sorted out one way or the other. The Tennessean is reporting that a court date has been scheduled for the case of Tim McGraw and Curb. The main part of the hearing will be to find out if the country artist-turned-movie-star will be able to record any further albums during the dispute. Curb Records filed a lawsuit earlier in the year claiming Tim breached their contract. Tim counter-sued the label, wanting to be released from the contract with them entirely. Curb Records is the label responsible for launching Tim’s career to where it is.

The first hearing will take place on November 29th, with a court date scheduled for July 9th, 2012. The hearing will decide if Curb has the legal grounds to file an injunction against the singer from working on any albums during the dispute.