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Showdog Releases Box Of Weed Today

Cross Canadian Ragweed.

The boys of Cross-Canadian Ragweed have released their first box set today on Showdog-Universal Records. The box set, titled “Box of Weed,” includes five CD’s and a live DVD which were originally released on Universal South Records. They’re considered to be one of the pioneers of the Texas / Red Dirt Music Scene, paving the way for country-rock artists like Jason Aldean and Eric Church.

The box set is available in all music outlets and Amazon.com. Albums included in the box set include “Cross Canadian Ragweed,” which is also called the “Purple” album, “Soul Gravy,” “Garage,” “Mission California,” and, “Happiness And All The Other Things.” The live performance DVD, which is included in the box set, is their concert shot in Oklahoma: “Back To Tulsa: Live And Loud From Cain’s Ballroom.”

The group announced plans in 2010 to take an indefinite hiatus as a group during their fifteenth anniversary together. There are currently no plans to reunite.