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Meghan Linsey of Steel Magnolia Covers One Republic


Fans of Steel Magnolia are in for a treat this new year, as Meghan Linsey, the female half of the duo is going solo. Linsey gives fans a taste of her new style with an impressive cover of OneRepublic’s hit, “Counting Stars.”

“Lately, lately I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be,” Linsey croons in her powerful, yet undeniably country voice and from the opening lyrics, listeners are bound to be captivated. The video takes viewers through a fun and quirky array of colors and styles.

We have to admit that we’re all kinds of obsessed with this cover song and cannot wait for more from Meghan Linsey in 2014!

Watch her take on “Counting Stars” here:

You can also grab the song on iTunes here!

VIDEO: Garth Brooks Honors Billy Joel


On Sunday night, Garth Brooks took the stage at the Kennedy Center Honors to honor his longtime friend and 2013 honoree, Billy Joel. Brooks performed a pair of Joel’s hits, “Allentown” and “Goodnight Saigon.”

While “Allentown” was rousing, it was “Goodnight Saigon” that is sure to give you chills, as Brooks is joined by a chorus of military vets, who received a rousing standing ovation.

Watch the incredible performance here:

Kelly Clarkson Treats Fans to “Blue Christmas”


Although Christmas day may be over, it’s not yet time to put away your Christmas albums. Earlier this season, Kelly Clarkson released her future classic, Wrapped In Red, which is chock full of classic covers and great originals. Yesterday, she appeared on the Today Show, with a stunning, countrified version of “Blue Christmas” that would make even Elvis proud.

Watch here:

Kelly Clarkson Ties Up Fiance, Covers Mumford & Sons


It’s no secret that Kelly Clarkson is one busy lady. She’s planning a tour with Maroon 5, prepping for a wedding to Brandon Blackstock and releasing infectious ear candy with each single. Her latest offering of country confection comes in the form of “Tie It Up,” a twangy tongue-in-cheek ode to courtship and wedding bells.

When she released the single cover, fans wondered who she was actually tied to. Was it her fiance or just some perfectly-manicured hand model? Clarkson revealed yesterday via video that the hand-in-question does in fact belong to her hubby-to-be. Judging from his adorable awkwardness in front of the camera, methinks he’ll be leaving most of the future modeling gigs to his bride.

And while she’s not being adorable in photo shoots, she continues her quest to slay every song you’ve ever heard and make it just a tad bit better. Click to see her become one of Mumford‘s honorary sons on this incredible version of “I Will Wait.”

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Blows Us Away with a Carrie Underwood Cover


All Summer long, Kelly Clarkson has masterfully covered all types of songs, including some of our favorite country classics. She’s covered Vince Gill and Tammy Wynette, tackled Trisha and wowed us with “Wide Open Spaces,” but this time, she blows us away. Literally.

It takes guts to tackle a Carrie Underwood song, and just like with her incredible take on Carrie’s “I Know You Won’t,” Kelly changed the song to make it uniquely her own.

Prior to her performance in Perth, Australia, Kelly actually took to her Twitter to alert Carrie of her impending cover, while singing the song’s praises. She tweeted, “@carrieunderwood girl I’m covering Blown Away tonight for my fan request song and it is my favorite! I love how dark it is! Very cool song!”

Of course comparisons will be drawn between the original and the cover, and due to the fact that both girls came from a certain television show, but frankly, it shouldn’t matter. We love Carrie’s version and we also love the Kellified version.

We wish this video was a closer one, but take a listen as Kelly covers Carrie.


Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Takes Us to Church with a Vince Gill Cover


It’s no secret to the world that Kelly Clarkson can sing absolutely anything. It’s also no secret to the world that Kelly Clarkson absolutely ROCKS when she dips her toes into country music. Although we’re holding out hope that she eventually dips way more than her toes, for the time being, we’ll take what we can get.

On Saturday, September 15th, KC took the stage in her new permanent hometown of Nashville to blow the roof off the Bridgestone arena. (Trust us, we were there.) Performing in the Capital of Music City, it was a shock to no one when she opted to cover a country song.

Dedicating the song to her guitarist’s deceased uncle, Clarkson literally took Bridgestone to church with a powerful rendition of Vince Gill‘s “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

Check it out here:

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Stands By Her Man


Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…when will you stop toying with our emotions? Night after night, you take the stage and effortlessly bend genres with your vocal chords of steel. You’ve tackled the likes of Eminem and Gotye, but we have to admit that nothing makes us happier than hearing you croon something country. In the last few months, we’ve swayed along to YouTube videos of “Wide Open Spaces” and “Walkaway Joe,” but this time, you’ve outdone yourself.

It takes some real country chops to tackle a classic like Tammy Wynette‘s “Stand By Your Man,” but in Indianapolis, you did just that. And brilliantly, we might add.

Kelly, it’s time. We’ve hummed along to “Breakaway,” jumped to “Since U Been Gone,” snarled to “Never Again,” and fist-pumped to “Stronger,” but it’s time to give us a country album. Pop music will always be waiting for you with open arms, but country is ready for you. Put that Texan twang to good use, join up with pals like Blake & Miranda, and give us a real country CD. It’s time.

In the meantime, we’ll be watching this brilliant cover. Over and over and over again.

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Stuns with Trisha Yearwood Cover


It’s starting to seem a little redundant, but Kelly Clarkson has done it yet again and impressed us with another flawless country cover. This time, the dabbling-in-country-yet-still-pop songstress tackled Trisha Yearwood‘s iconic hit “Walkaway Joe” at a recent show in Georgia.

In the video, Clarkson takes a sip from a red solo cup (Is that cover far behind?) before admitting to being afraid her voice wouldn’t compare to Trisha Yearwood’s. We’re not sure why she’s SO humble because she more than lives up to the original, she SLAYS it. She also admits that she’s dying to duet with Trisha herself, and we sure hope that happens ASAP!

Check it out!

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Covers The Dixie Chicks


The sometimes pop, sometimes country, but always fantastic Kelly Clarkson took the stage this weekend at the Ironstone Vineyards in Murphy’s California. Each night, she and her band learn a “fan request,” and the covers certainly show off her versatility, ranging from the Foo Fighters to Britney Spears to The Dixie Chicks. Check out Kelly’s fantastic cover of “Wide Open Spaces” right here!

VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Covers “Hell On Heels”


Our favorite sometimes-country star Kelly Clarkson has been making her way around the US this year to promote her new CD Stronger. At each stop, Kelly has been doing a “Fan Request” song by picking from requests on twitter tagged with the hashtag #kcrequests. The shows have been following a pattern with each stop alternating between one of Kelly’s own songs and a cover song. Last night Kelly was in Austin, TX and claimed she had a lot of Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies requests. So, Kelly covered one of her favorites – the Pistol Annies “Hell On Heels.” As usual, Kelly once again proves she can sing pretty much anything! Check out the video below and let us know what you think!