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DVR Alert: Brantley Gilbert and Chris Young Head to Nashville


ABC’s Nashville, that is. The two country music artists are slotted to make cameos on ABC’s newest smash hit musical drama as party goers at a celebratory bash thrown by fictional country music sensation, Juliette Barnes (played by Hayden Panettiere). Brantley Gilbert and Chris Young, who will appear as themselves, attend the party, which is intended to celebrate the success of Barnes’ and Rayna James’ (played by Connie Britton) duet, “Wrong Song”.

The episode featuring Brantley and Chris will air on Wednesday, January 23rd a 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

Nashville Is On the Globe


The Golden Globe, that is. This morning, the nominees for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards were announced, and Nashville certainly made a showing; and we mean both “Nashville” the television show and residents of Nashville whose names you might recognize from the world of country music.

In the category of Best Actress, Television Drama, ABC’s “Nashville” was represented by a nomination for Connie Britton (who plays Rayna James in the highly coveted television series). In the category of Best Supporting Actress, Television, ABC’s “Nashville” was again represented by a nomination for Hayden Panettiere (who plays Juliette Barnes). Also getting nods for their involvement in film projects are Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. Keith lent his vocals to the soundtrack for “Act of Valor” with his song “For You,” while Taylor’s “Safe & Sound” was included on “The Hunger Games” soundtrack.

Good luck to the Nashville noms! Tune in on January 13 to see if any of the Golden Globes make their way back to Music City!

REVIEW: Nashville – Looking Back and Moving Forward


That seems to be theme of the week in Music City. Everyone is looking back; remembering, questioning, regretting, and reminiscing their pasts and doing everything in their power to push forward to a better future. How, you may ask?

The return of Juliette’s mother has resulted in Juliette thinking about her childhood, which was filled with painful memories. Clearly Juliette’s mother is not the healthiest of parental units, as she is struggling with addiction and the mood swings that accompany the dependency. However, seeing Juliette witness her mother’s continual downward spirals shows us a deeper, darker side of country music’s sassy starlet. Think Meredith Grey, pre-McDreamy marriage, back when she was dark, twisty, Tequila Mer. That is what we have with Juliette, sans the Patron. Juliette finally decides, after some urging from Deacon, to allow him to step in and talk to her mother — addict to addict. Once Juliette’s mother recognizes that she is not alone and that someone understands her struggles, she agrees to be admitted into rehab … but not before she bids Juliette farewell — with a slap right across the face. And that, therein, was the final straw for Juliette, as she decides to let go of her home and move someplace new … someplace free of her mother and all remnants of her. In Juliette’s words, “anything she touched, I hate.” I’m pretty sure that Juliette is not telling her mother to “keep coming back” like the people in rehab are likely preaching at the end of their group sessions.

Nashville Review: The Rise and the Fall


Episode 4 started off with quite a bang…literally. We find Rayna and Deacon in bed together, only to find out Rayna was in a deep sleep, dreaming about her “duet partner.” Cinderella did say a dream is a wish your heart makes…looks like Rayna’s heart is speaking volumes to her head! In her recent state of perpetual guilt, Rayna agrees to sing at her husband, Teddy’s, political event to help bolster his chance to become an elected official like her father. The event is taking place at the country club, a place Rayna loathes, and who is playing alongside of her? Deacon, of course! As the day draws closer, we realize there is someone new in town and she seems slightly suspicious. And clearly there is a secret between her and Teddy, made evident by a conversation they had in private after the event. They call her Peggy, and this gorgeous gal looks familiar. ***Insert more Nashville cameo trivia!*** Can anyone name this country-music superstar’s wife who has joined the cast, for at least one episode, to raise our eyebrows about Teddy’s loyalty to Rayna? We will reveal the answer in next week’s Nashville Review! Oh, and who can forget the big coup d’etat between Teddy and Deacon, who are clearly fighting over Rayna’s affection without actually saying so? This marriage is becoming more and more rocky with each passing week, and with Peggy in the picture now, who knows what direction Rayna and Teddy will go? Rayna obviously sees the impact Deacon is having on her home life though because she has decided that letting Deacon go is the solution to her marital woes.

REVIEW: Nashville – Sometimes Good Intentions Don’t Come Across So Well


This seemed to be the theme of the second episode of the show that has created quite a buzz, ABC’s Nashville. The second episode began with Hayden Panettiere‘s character, Juliette Barnes, taking over the streets of Nashville, literally, as she filmed a music video that has Laura Bell Bundy “Giddy On Up” style choreography, mixed with the naughtiness of Christina Aguilera back in her “Dirrty” days. And, of course, stuck in the traffic caused by Juliette is Rayna Jaymes, former country starlet who is trying to breathe new life back into a career that her record label believes is dwindling. Naturally, seeing the young vixen create such a stir is a point of contention for Rayna, as she still tries to work through the abominable idea her record label suggested — that she open for a songstress that, age-wise, she could have given birth to herself.

Review: Nashville – Music City Hits the Small Screen


Saddle up, country fans, there’s a new rodeo in town and it hits your television screens every Wednesday night on ABC at 10:00pm ET/9:00pm CT. The new and highly anticipated “Nashville” stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettierre as country music artists who come together, despite Britton’s character’s desire to keep her distance from that “brat.” Connie Britton plays Rayna Jaymes, a forty-something artist who is having trouble staying afloat as a newer generation, headed by Panettiere’s Juliette Barnes, starts to take over the country music scene. Picture a Faith Hill meets Reba McEntire when you think of Jaymes — attractive, stylish, unparalleled talent and success — and a street-walking Taylor Swift when you think of Barnes — young, fun, but overly flirtatious. Now that Jaymes has to contend with the fresh, young, new artists, her record label has recognized an obvious dip in her popularity. While Jaymes will tell you that she has gone triple platinum in the past, her record label isn’t interested in past successes and fears that if she does not make a drastic move — and fast — her career will take the Mindy McCreedy route (if you are asking “who?”, that is exactly my point). So, in a last-ditch effort to give Jaymes’ career a little bit of CPR, the record label recommends that Jaymes call it quits on her own tour and join forces with Barnes as her *gasp* opening act. Now picture this — Reba opens for Kellie Pickler. It’s on par with that. Naturally, Jaymes has no interest in being the pre-cursor to a little fiery country-singing Britney Spears, but something tells us she’s fighting a losing battle!

Like any other late-night primetime show, there also exists love, infidelity, family angst, and this serving comes with a heaping side of politics. What should you take away from episode 1 of this much-talked-about new show? Just because something seems a certain way on the outside, it doesn’t mean it is just that. Fame has its falls and behind every person who has his or her name in lights lies darkness. Nashville just allows us the opportunity to shine a flashlight on the dark side — at least as far as these fictitious superstars are concerned. Bottom line, this show has it all — glitz and glam, love and scandal, cute kids, and a killer cast. If you aren’t tuning in, we suggest you change that immediately, because we have a feeling it is going to be better than any eight-second ride!

Tune in next week for music, drama, political banter, and a glimpse of the streets of Nashville. And don’t forget to check back here every week for our weekly review as country music takes over television (as it should be).

Episode 1 Playlist (head over to iTunes to download several of these tracks):

“Already Gone” – Performed by Rayna Jaymes
“Back Home” – Performed by Deacon (character)
“Boys and Buses” – Performed by Juliette Barnes
“It’s My Life” – Performed by Rayna Jaymes
“Love Like Mine” – Performed by Juliette Barnes
“If I Didn’t Know Better” – Performed by Scarlett and Gunnar (characters)
“Even If It Breaks Your Heart” – Eli Young Band
“Small Town USA” – Justin Moore
“Type of Gurl” – Rasheeda
“Too Good To Be True” – Eden’s Edge
“Sin For A Sin” – Miranda Lambert
“Did It For the Girl” – Greg Bates
“Stand By Your Man” – Tammy Wynette
“Rose-Colored Glasses” – John Connlee

“Nashville” is Coming to ABC


With ABC upfronts in full-swing today and country music stars like Reba & Jennifer Nettles invading the network, ABC has announced a new fall drama centered around the goings-on of a country music legend and an up-and-coming crossover artist.

Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”) plays Rayna James, an accomplished country legend whose popularity is on the decline, while Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) plays Juliette Barnes, a new artist determined to take over the country charts. In an attempt to benefit both careers, Rayna’s record label pairs her with Juliette for a co-headlining tour, and from there, the drama ensues. Will Juliette be able to steal Rayna’s spotlight?

Look for Rayna’s wealthy, powerful and estranged father to add to the drama by helping Rayna’s husband, Teddy, seek a chance at the mayorship of Nashville against his wife’s wishes.

Produced by Callie Khouri (writer of “Thelma & Louise”), R.J. Cutler (“The September Issue”) & Steve Buchanan, look for “Nashville” to take viewers inside the world of country music and all of its entanglements, ranging from touring and romance to politics and familial drama.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to let us know what you think! Will you be tuning in to “Nashville”?