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Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox Clears the Air on Caylee Anthony Song


Gary LeVox has been surprised over the media attention thrown on one little song that he helped co-write. In an interview with Country Weekly at Rascal Flatts’ number one party last week, he spoke to reporters on the real story behind the song that was changed to fit Caylee Anthony’s story. Originally titled “He’s Going Places,” it was a song that was sitting on the back shelf for Rascal Flatts who were considering saving it for a future album for the superstar trio. The song quickly morphed into a different version after co-writer Cledus T. Judd heard the news about Casey Anthony’s acquittal of the murder charges.

“Cledus sent me a text asking if he could rewrite the song for Caylee [Anthony]. He and some other [songwriter] rewrote the lyrics,” Gary continued. “[They took] our song and they tweaked it and changed some lines. I was on a boat fishing in Lake Erie and my phone had blown up and I guess it was on Nancy Grace. I think it was a Cledus T. Judd thing. They kind of took our song and tweaked it and it became this.”

LeVox went on to say that songwriters will write songs based on their heart and real feelings, and that this was the case for Judd. He understands that he wanted to put the focus on the young victim, and not the mother like the rest of the media had been doing for the few years the case was in the news. Read the full story on Country Weekly’s website HERE. Have you heard the song? What are your thoughts on the whole who-wrote-what drama behind “She’s Going Places”?

Country Singers Come Together for Caylee Anthony

Rascal Flatts. photo credit: Big Machine.

Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox teamed up with Cledus T. Judd for a touching, heart breaking song in memory of 2 year old Caylee Anthony. Caylee was found murdered in 2008, and her mother was accused of killing the baby. Casey Anthony, her mother, was found not guilty on murder and child abuse charges last week.

LeVox and Judd wrote the song, and a demo singer in Nashville named Shane performs the song. Named “She’s Going Places,” the pair debuted the song on WQYK Tampa Bay.

Warning: the song is a tear jerker. You’ve been warned. Check out the beautiful song below the “Read More” tag. Thanks to Jimmy Carter for putting together the video for it.