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Exclusive: Interview with Kingston


What have The Carter Twins been doing since they released their debut single, “Heart Like Memphis,” on March 16, 2009? Well first off – they changed their band name! Zach and Josh Carter are now known as Kingston, and are currently in the studio making some much awaited new music! Check out our recent interview with them where they talk about their name change, when we can expect some new music, their appearance on The X Factor, and their prom proposal with Lauren Alaina!

1. What made you decide to change your name & what is the story behind picking “Kingston?” 

A: Honestly, We just felt that this was a natural evolution for us!! We like to call it Carter Twins 2.0. And as far as the story behind the name.. Zach was driving through a town called Kingston Springs TN and just thought it was a cool place and called me and was like, Hey what about Kingston for our new band name. We loved it and loved how it skewed a little older and just fit perfectly with the new music and image!