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VIDEO: Mathai – Cowboy Casanova On The Voice


While she isn’t the most country of the contestants, Team Adam Levine member Mathai chose to cover Carrie Underwood‘s “Cowboy Casanova” as her last-chance song last night on The Voice. The last chance song is performed live in front of the four coaches to try and convince their team’s coach to pick them to save from elimination. While we won’t spoil who moved on, and who didn’t, check out Mathai’s version of the country hit below and make sure to let us know what you think of her performance:

Blake Shelton: Adam Levine Isn’t Making Right Choices

Blake Shelton. photo credit: Warner Music Nashville.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Blake Shelton admitted that he doesn’t have much faith in coach Adam Levine‘s choices on The Voice this season. Blake believes that Adam’s ego from winning the first season is getting in the way of making the decisions Blake thinks he should have been making.

“Adam’s winning just because he can say he won last year. I’m not saying that I am going to win this year, but I don’t think that Adam is going to win this year.”

Blake, who is never one to shy away from saying what he thinks, continues:

“Now he’s inside of his own, he thinks he knows it all, all of a sudden because he won last year, he’s making really bad, really bad decisions for his team I want to go on record saying I think Adam is making really bad coaching decisions.”

What do you think? Are you on Blake’s side and think that Adam’s team doesn’t have a shot to win this year? Or do you think that Adam’s team will earn the crown for the second year in a row?

EXCLUSIVE: Nicolle Galyon After “The Voice”

nicolle galyon

Nicolle Galyon may not have won her Battle Round on The Voice, but as you will see, she leaves the show as a winner on so many levels.

The country music singer/songwriter was paired with Mathai for her Battle Round.  Coach Adam Levine chose “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles for their battle.  The song was tailor-made for the piano-playing Galyon, who lists Bareilles as one of her influences.  Everything seemed to be going her way with a perfect song and Levine even saying she could play her piano during the battle.

Then the day before the battle, Levine shook things up by taking the piano out.  We will never know if things may have been different had she been allowed to battle from behind her Baldwin.  As it turned out, the other three coaches all felt Mathai not only sang better, but also had a more polished performance.  Levine agreed, ending Nicolle’s adventure on The Voice.

We caught up with her a few days after her elimination aired to discuss her Battle Round, her upcoming projects and the moment that finally brought her to tears.  Continue reading to learn how the 27-year-old native from Sterling, Kansas is on the rise both personally and professionally.

Blake Shelton & Adam Levine Cover People Magazine

Blake Shelton.

Looks like The Voice might have been one of the smartest decisions Blake Shelton has made in his career so far. He shares the cover of People magazine with fellow Voice coach Adam Levine – even bumping out Jessica Simpson‘s baby shower news for the top spot!

They share secrets, or not-so-secrets, on their friendship in the issue, including what they think of fellow coach, and often banter target, Christina Aguilera.

“A few weeks ago somebody asked me, ‘What about you and Adam’s bromance. Is there anything to it?’ ” Shelton, 35, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

“And I sputtered off, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make out with him.’ The next thing you read is, ‘Blake wants to kiss Adam.’ Man, I can’t believe how …”

“True that is?” interjects Levine, 33.

The two admit that they never thought they’d get as close as they have with each other. They’ve even been out on double dates with Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, and Adam’s supermodel girlfriend Anne V. There’s only one thing the pair want to settle once and for all with their fans:

Stop using the word “Bromance.” “Can we please kill that stupid term?” he asks. “We’re just friends. It’s called friendship!”

Find out everything on their friendship in the new issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday.

VIDEO: Blake Shelton’s Secret Man Crush

Blake Shelton. photo credit: Warner Music Nashville.

Blake Shelton has been introducing mainstream audiences to country music with his stay on The Voice. See who he’s developed feelings for while being part of two seasons of NBC’s monster hit reality singing competition below:

EXCLUSIVE: RaeLynn From “The Voice” On Her Battle Round And Beyond

RaeLynn -- photo credit:  Jewel Cole

RaeLynn keeps racking up the “firsts” for Team Blake on this season of NBC’s smash singing competition The Voice.   She was the first singer selected by Blake Shelton for his team.  Now she’s the first singer Blake picked as a winner in the Battle Rounds.

The 17-year-old was matched with Adley Stump for her Battle Round.  The pairing brought together two different types of singers:  The powerful voice of Adley vs the more stylish singing RaeLynn.  Coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green picked Adley as the winner, while Adam Levine went with RaeLynn.  In the end the decision was Blake’s and he went with RaeLynn, taking style over power.

Clearly, Blake sees something special about RaeLynn.  But will the viewing audience feel the same way when it comes time to vote?  We’ll all have to stay tuned for the answer to that question.

In the meantime, we caught up with the talented Texan to get her thoughts on meeting Miranda Lambert, her Battle Round with Adley, preparing for the live shows and a product endorsement she could really sink her teeth into.

Did you honestly have no idea that you were going to be working with Miranda?

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jordan Rager

Jordan Rager.

Jordan Rager is the only male country singer on Team Blake Shelton on this year’s season of The Voice. The high school senior is dedicated to his career dream of being a country singer, already with one demo tape out and working on a second one this year. He was in Nashville when his mom called him to let him know he earned an audition for The Voice – which she had entered his name into. Although his fellow classmates don’t treat him any differently, and his teachers Fed Ex’d him his homework while he was in Hollywood, the fans have – his Twitter page jumped from around 100 followers to over 5,000 since his Blind Audition aired on NBC.

Jordan discusses why he auditioned for The Voice, what his dream is after high school, what kind of a person Blake Shelton really is, what’s the reason for him loving music, and why he was disappointed over Kelly Clarkson. Read our exclusive interview with Jordan below and be sure to follow our coverage of The Voice through the rest of the season.

Lex Land: The Voice’s Sultry Singer

lex land

The music business isn’t anything new to Lex Land.  But competing on a stage as big as “The Voice” certainly is.

The 24-year-old member of Team Blake works full-time as a singer/songwriter.  She’s already released albums and some of her original songs have appeared on TV shows such as “Private Practice,” “One Tree Hill” and “Castle.”   The native of Austin, Texas believes in using her time and talents to give back to others as she also works as a counselor/teacher at a rock camp for girls.

The sultry singer’s redition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” got three of the judges to turn their chairs during the blind audition.  Cee Lo Green turned first, followed a split-second later by Adam Levine.  It took quite a while longer, but Blake Shelton finally turned his chair.  Blake may have been the last to turn, but as Land said in a conference call, he was always Lex’s first choice because of his coaching on the show — and potentially beyond it.

“Well, I did actually want to be on Blake Shelton’s team.  I thought that he was a really great coach last year and I felt that, regardless of the outcome of the show, if any coach was going to continue to support me and to mentor me with whatever happened that it would probably be him.  So I was thrilled when he turned around.  And in the heat of the moment, I wasn’t really sure who I was going to choose, but I ended up sticking with my initial feeling and I’m really glad that I did.”

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with RaeLynn From “The Voice”


Will the first one picked be the last one standing on NBC’s The Voice?  That’s a storyline country singer RaeLynn would love to see play out.

It’s been a little more than three weeks since the 17-year-old made a super splash immediately after the Super Bowl.  The native of Baytown, Texas led off the show’s second season by landing a spot on Blake Shelton’s team (turning down a chance to work with Adam Levine).  Blake tried to entice her to join his team by telling the teen, “I can make you a country star.”  He pretty much had her from the moment he turned his chair, which was a feat in itself as she bravely chose to sing a song by her inspiration and Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert.

RaeLynn may be one of the youngest members of Team Blake, but that doesn’t mean she’s inexperienced.  She’s part of a large, musically inclined family (she has seven brothers and sisters) and has been performing for most of her life.  Two of her cousins are in the GRAMMY-nominated progressive worship band, “Leeland.”  As for her own career, she spent a lot of time in summer school, allowing her to finish high school two years early so she could try her hand at acting.  But it turned out that her life in L.A. had her leaning back toward music.

Now she’s back in the business with her eyes on the prize.  That includes competing on The Voice and beyond.

We have to start by asking about your blind audition.  Last season, two singers sang a Miranda Lambert song and both times Blake didn’t turn his chair.  Yet, you started the whole show by singing “Hell On Heels,” her hit with the Pistol Annies.  Were you confident, crazy or both?

The Voice: Team Blake Recap – Week 4

The Voice

Team Blake is complete!

The Voice Season 2 blind auditions wrapped up Monday night with Blake Shelton adding two more members to his team: Lex Land and Adley Stump.

Let’s meet them…

Lex Land

Lex is a singer songwriter who has had her songs featured on One Tree Hill, Private Practice, and Castle, among others. She auditioned with Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Blake, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green all turned their chairs around, but Lex chose Team Blake!

Lex shared via Twitter:

I am so pumped to finally be able to say that I’m a member of #TEAMBLAKE !!!!

Follow Lex on Twitter: @LexLand

Lex’s Audition:


Continue reading for the rest of the recap…