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REVIEW: Lucy Hale’s Album Sneak Peek


Lucy Hale is making her rounds doing radio station events to promote her upcoming album, and she recently stopped into 103.1 WIRK in South Florida. Lucy took the stage at country nightclub, Renegades, to give fans a glimpse at who Lucy is beyond her role as Aria Montgomery on ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars. We were fortunate enough to be among those who were on the receiving end of four songs that will appear on Lucy’s debut country album.

Review: Lucy Hale’s “You Sound Good To Me”

Lucy Hale You Sound Good To Me

Admittedly, I remember little Lucy Hale, the American Junior contestant. I distinctly recall watching the show, being amazed by Lucy’s chops, and being thrilled when she was one of the lucky kids named to the American Juniors group.

Fast forward ten years and Lucy is not only a well-known actress, but an up-and-coming country artist currently making her way on to the scene. Lucy’s first attempt at country music comes in the form of a single, entitled “You Sound Good To Me.”

Lucy, a Tennessee native, envelopes her country roots in this radio-friendly tune with an extremely catchy hook. The lyrics cleverly describe sounds that are pleasant to Lucy’s ears, which she compares to the feeling she gets when she thinks of her love interest. Lucy’s single shares the giddiness of a couple, whom you envision skipping through a field of flowers toward one another, which can only make hopeful listeners smile, dance, and sing along.

“You Sound Good To Me” is a memorable song for Lucy right out the gate, with mass radio appeal and an upbeat melody that country music fans will surely embrace. Download “You Sound Good To Me” on iTunes today, and don’t forget to catch the video premiere on ABC Family tonight!

Lucy Hale’s Video to Premiere on ABC Family

Lucy Hale You Sound Good To Me

January 7th will be a big day for Pretty Little Liar, Lucy Hale. Not only will Lucy’s debut country single, “You Sound Good to Me,” be released and available for purchase, but the corresponding video for the single will be premiered. Lucy took to Twitter today to share the exciting news with fans:

@LucyHale: Jan 7 is a great day. My single is releasing AND u can catch the world premiere of my music video for “you sound good to me” on abc fam!!

January 7th is also the day that Pretty Little Liars makes its return to ABC Family for its Winter Premiere. Make sure to tune in for the first episode of what is sure to be another nail-biting season, and keep an eye out for Lucy’s country video debut!

This Week In Entertainment!


This week we would like to draw attention to a new series that hit ABC Family last night. I know, I know. Most of you probably failed to realize this new show was on because you were tuned in and so enamored by ABC’s “Duets” (or were really just staying “in the know” so when you read my friend, Nicole Piering’s, recap, you could identify with what she was referring to), but have no fear — “Duets” returns to Thursday nights next week and this new show can get all of your attention!

The question of the week is “Who’s Your [Baby] Daddy?!” and the answer would be Jean-Luc Bilodeau, previously of “Kyle XY.” “Baby Daddy,” a situation comedy on ABC Family starring Bilodeau, along with Derek Theler, Tahj Mowry, Chelsea Kane, and the reason we are spotlighting this show, CMT’s “The Singing Bee” hostess with the mostest and actress who brought us that big-hearted, small-brained Barbara Jean on “Reba,” Melissa Peterman!

This Week In Entertainment!


Hey Keepin’ It Country readers! Welcome to our newest “column,” entitled “This Week in Entertainment…” This column will give all of you a heads up as to where to find some of your favorite country music artists on television shows, in newly released movies, and anyplace else an artist or his/her song may pop up with minimal warning! And, heck, while we are giving you that notice, we will also share a short review of that particular show, movie, etc., to help you decide if you want to tune in or check it out!

There is a new show on ABC Family called “Bunheads.” That term could likely be misconstrued to mean many things, but no, it is not a show about ex-boyfriends and tales of woe associated therewith. This show is about dancing; specifically, ballet. Why does this show get an extra special shout out on Keepin’ It Country? Because its promotional track is “The Sun Will Rise” by country music’s frequent and much beloved visitor, Kelly Clarkson.

DVR Alert: Gloriana To Premiere “(Kissed You) Good Night” Video

gloriana video

This Friday the 13th will be special instead of scary for the members of Gloriana.  That night the band debuts their music video for (Kissed You) Good Night.

The exclusive world premiere takes place during a broadcast of A Walk To Remember on ABC Family.  The movie starts at 8:30pm ET/PT.  When is the exact time for the video?  You’ll just have to watch – or record it!  (We call it a DVR Alert for a reason!)