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Jenny & Ashley Release Lyric Video For “You Made My Yesterday”


Teenage sister duo Jenny & Ashley released a lyric video for the song “You Made My Yesterday.” The track is a demo version that the girls wanted to give to their fans while they’re working on new material. Jenny & Ashley are currently writing and recording their new EP in Nashville with some heavy hitters to follow up their first EP. They are writing with Bridgette Tatum (Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country”) and Alissa Moreno (Rascal Flatts’ “Everyday”) and in studio with several members of Taylor Swift’s team.

“You Made My Yesterday” is the first song that Ashley co-wrote while on Music Row, which is the renowned business section of Nashville, TN that has hundreds of businesses related to country, gospel, and Christian music. The song was written with Claire Wyndham, who has performed with the likes of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. Ashley’s main inspiration behind the track was her heart for military families and children with health issues, and this track gave her a chance to write about those hardships.

While down on Music Row, the girls enlisted Darran Smith, lead guitarist and co-producer for Tim McGraw, to produce their debut EP, Songs About You, and used several members of McGraw’s touring band, The Dance Hall Doctors, as the backing band for the recording sessions.

In support of of the EP, the girls toured the country playing middle schools, summer camps, and festivals while having numerous TV appearances and singing the National Anthem for professional sports team, most notably the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), Miami Marlins (MLB), and Nashville Predators (NHL).

Check out their creative lyric video below & let us know what you think!

Jenny & Ashley Release “Good Girl” Cover Video


If you read our interview with Jenny & Ashley from a few weeks ago, you will remember us asking the girls when we would see their cover video for Carrie Underwood‘s hit “Good Girl.” Well, the wait is over and the video is here! The cover song is an original arrangement of Carrie’s song and in the video, Jenny portrays the “good girl” while younger sister, Ashley portrays the “bad girl.”

“Good Girl” is the lead single off of Carrie Underwood’s latest record Blown Away. The song has landed at #5 on Billboard’s country chart and #25 on the Hot 100 chart.

What do you think of the video and the arrangement? We love it! Be sure to let us know below and don’t forget to check out our recent interview with the girls if you haven’t already, here!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jenny & Ashley


This past week, we caught up with country/pop duo Jenny & Ashley while out on the road in California. They spent last year touring summer camps, festivals and middle schools, making TV appearances and singing the national anthem at ballparks. Now it’s time to see what they’re up to this year! See what these two teenage stars had to say about staying grounded, writing, what it was like to record with Tim McGraw’s co-producer Darran Smith, who they would love to go on tour with, some of their favorite fan encounters, funny stories on the road, and a little get to know them better session!

For some of our readers who might not know much about you, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Jenny: Absolutely! We were born in Wisconsin and we always loved to sing!  We would sing in our backyard, to our neighbors, then our dad got a job transfer out to California right around the time we were 7 and 9. We started doing acting and everything in LA, and we just loved the entertainment business so much. We fell in love with country music so that took us out to Nashville. We also love writing music. In Nashville we’ve been pursuing things for about 2 years now as Jenny & Ashley. Our dad works in Miami so we’re between the two places.

Ashley: And we’re sisters! I’m 14 almost 15 and Jenny is 16. Ever since then we’ve been pursuing our county music dream and just seeing where it takes us!

Country/Pop Duo Jenny & Ashley Release “My Kinda Life” Lyric Video


Country/Pop duo Jenny & Ashley, who are sisters, have released a lyric video for their current single “My Kinda Life” which was released on iTunes on April 16th.  Jenny & Ashley, who are only 16 and 14 years old, have been following their dreams of singing and acting since they were very young. While they were in Nashville, they recorded their Songs About You EP on Music Row with Tim McGraw’s co-producer Darran Smith and the Dance Hall Doctors.

After releasing the EP, these two young stars were a part of the Camplified Summer Tour visiting summer camps, festivals as well as middle schools and singing the National Anthem at baseball games. The girls are excited to be releasing their My Kinda Life EP which consists of Taylor Swift-like lyrics and vocal inspiration from Carrie Underwood. All of the songs on the album are either written or co-written by Jenny & Ashley.

These young girls are sure to be a hit! Check back as we’ll be doing an interview with the girls very soon in the future. While you’re waiting, check out their neat lyric video below for “My Kinda Life” and also their teaser video for the song.

My Kinda Life - Single - Jenny & Ashley

Jenny & Ashley Release New Christmas Music Video

Jenny & Ashley.

Country-pop duo Jenny & Ashley have just released their music video for their Christmas single “Winter Wonderland” on their Facebook page. Fans can get into the holiday spirit by liking their page and getting a free download of their single.

Check out their fun music video on their official Facebook fan page, and make sure to get your free download! What’s better than free music?

Jenny & Ashley’s New Music Video

Jenny & Ashley.

Jenny & Ashley recently debuted their brand new music video for “Indescribable” on YouTube. The duo filmed the live video while on their “Camplified” tour, where they visited over fifty summer camps and performed for the children. They sang to campers between the ages of six to seventeen and took a meet and greet picture with every one. How cool! Check out the music video below:

Jenny & Ashley’s Super-Fun Beach Weekend Music Video

Jenny & Ashley.

Country music duo Jenny & Ashley have released the music video for their single, “Beach Weekend.” The two young girls, Jenny is 15 and Ashley is only 13, have already recorded six songs in Nashville with Tim McGraw’s producer, Darran Smith.

Their first EP as a duo, “Songs About You,” is available on iTunes. It’s the first single off of their EP, and the girls are not only adorable, but talented as well. It’s a fun little song to get you ready for the Summer.

Check out their super cute Summer-themed music video below and let us know what you think!