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Mustached Man Monday for Movember

Chris Janson

Today, on this Monday in Movember, we introduce you to Chris Janson. Chris is, ironically, in the process of growing out his facial hair in honor of this month, so it definitely made sense for us to spotlight this spirited new artist!

Chris Janson began collaborating as a songwriter at eighteen years of age with classic rock band, Guns N’ Roses. In 2009, Chris recorded two duets with Holly Williams, granddaughter of Hank Williams, Sr., on her album Here with Me. Instead of heading to veterinary school, which was his original plan, Chris made the move that many musicians before him likewise made — the move to Nashville, Tennessee.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan. photo credit: Monarch Publicity / Kristin Barlowe

Craig Morgan has been one heck of a busy guy lately. After releasing his first album in what he admits is “quite a while,” he says that he is genuinely shocked by how well “This Ole Boy” has performed on the charts. The always entertaining Craig called us this morning for a surprisingly serious interview on his career, his newest single “Corn Star,” supporting the military, meeting Conan O’Brien, and why he may be taking a break from singing.

See what pop song Craig told us he will be recording for his next album, a special birthday message for Blake Shelton, and what he’s thinking of taking on permanently besides singing in our exclusive interview with Craig: