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American Idol’s Paul Jolley Releases First Single “Healed”


On Tuesday January 28th, American Idol finalist Paul Jolley had a lot to celebrate. For one, it was his birthday, but more importantly he released his first single, “Healed,” to iTunes. The inspirational tune has all the makings of a country hit, including powerful lyrics, an impressive range and a pair of seasoned songwriters on board.

The track was co-written by Jolley along with Mark Irwin (“Highway Don’t Care,” and “Redneck Crazy,” etc.), and Adam Wood. “It’s one of those songs that hit you when you’ve found someone that makes you feel really special and important. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before – you feel complete. Not many people feel complete, but when you get that completeness, you instantly feel healed, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world,” said Jolley. “I’m so excited ‘Healed’ is finally out there. I believe in the song and the message it sends. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do,” he added.

Download “Healed” now on iTunes.

American Idol Holding Online Auditions for Season 13

american idol online auditions

Are you the next Kelly Clarkson or the next Carrie Underwood? Want to show off your vocal prowess in front of Keith Urban? Well, we’ve got good news for you! As American Idol begins the casting process for their 13th season, the show is holding online auditions for the first time ever! Be quick, as online auditions will only run through the end of August.

Idol is determined to focus season 13 on the contestants and their journeys to the finale! If you’re ready to start your American Idol Journey today, get all the info about the online auditions here.




Keith Urban to Return to American Idol

keith urban american idol

Amidst much speculation about the judging panel, it has been confirmed that Keith Urban will be returning to American Idol next season. He will be the only judge returning from last season, as Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj will not be coming back.

According to the Tennessean, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed Urban’s return this afternoon, praising the country crooner and his appeal to the show’s fans. Reilly says the goal will refocus the show’s attention on the contestants, rather than the judges.

Video: The Band Perry Rocks American Idol Stage


The Band Perry rocked the stage last night during the American Idol finale.

The trio was joined by Top 5 finalist and country girl, Janelle Arthur, to sing their current single, “Done.” They lit up the stage with electrifying energy, fun, and even some head banging. The Band Perry sure does know how to do a performance! And Janelle fit right in.

If you missed the performance, check out the video below. It was one of my favorites of the night!

“Done” is TBP’s second single off of their new album, Pioneer! I’ve probably mentioned how much I love the album, but I’ll say it again. A must buy for your country music list!

Video: Keith Urban Performs New Single on American Idol


Keith Urban was pulling double duty on American Idol tonight. Our country judge took the stage during the finale to perform his new single, “Little Bit Of Everything” and he sounded great! Check out the video below to watch the performance.

Urban joined the Idol panel this season, and while there have been rumors that the show is cleaning house, there is no official word yet on Urban’s status. reported that at a press conference on Wednesday, the country superstar stated that he wanted to return as a judge next year:

“I would. I mean, I literally enjoy coming to work every day, and that’s a rarity.”

We would love to see KU back at the judges’ table for Season 13! We hope Idol leaves the decision up to him. While Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj will not be returning to the panel, there is no official word yet on Mariah Carey.

American Idol Finale ~ Keith Urban by HumanSlinky

American Idol Finale: Team Kree


It’s the big showdown on American Idol tonight with Kree Harrison vs. Candice Glover.

Kree has been consistent all season and there’s no denying her vocal talent. We’re Team Kree all the way, but we know no matter the results, she is going to have a great career!

Good luck to Kree tonight!

Idol airs on FOX at 8/7c. Don’t forget to vote after the show.

Check out this interview with Kree on what being the Top 2 means to her:

Keith Urban will not return to American Idol

Keith Urban.

Reports out this week are indicating that country superstar Keith Urban, along with the rest of the judge panel, will no longer be a part of American Idol’s next season. Keith had left Australia’s version of The Voice to join American Idol this season. Host Ryan Seacrest will remain with the show, becoming the only original member of the cast from the first season that crowned Kelly Clarkson. The 13th season of American Idol will undergo massive changes to try and bring back in the viewers that it has been losing through the last few seasons – including ratings being down 22% this season alone.

As well as the judge changes, FOX will also change how its weekly themed nights will operate. The only thing that may be left that will still resemble American Idol will be the audition episodes. FOX is trying to bring back its core audience, which is believes is younger viewers, and they don’t think that the current judges are doing that.

The show has kick started the careers of country stars Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Casey James, Danny Gokey, Bucky Covington, Josh Gracin, and Kristy Lee Cook, among others. Who is your favorite American Idol star?

Kree Harrison Heads To American Idol Finale


Kree vs. Candice!

It’s all-female finale on American Idol this season, and the first time a lady will take the Idol crown since Jordin Sparks in 2007.

The big showdown is next week, and we are very excited because our country girl, Kree Harrison, is finale bound! After saying good-bye to Angie Miller last night, Kree will be competing for the title against Candice Glover.

Keith Urban predicted during the season that we would see Kree as a member of the Grand Ole Opry someday. I definitely think we have a future country success story on our hands.

Congratulations on making the Top 2, Kree! We’re rooting and voting for you. Good luck next week!

Check out the performance video of Kree slaying Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye:”

American Idol Top 6 Poll


American Idol is down to the Top 6. Five girls and 1 boy remain: Kree.. Angie.. Janelle.. Amber.. and Lazaro!

We want to know your favorite! Vote in our poll below….

American Idol Top 6

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American Idol: Vegas Singoff Recap Part 1


This is American Idol

In addition to the revamped judges’ panel this year including our own, Keith Urban, American Idol is changing things up a little bit with its new “Vegas Singoff” round. The Top 40, consisting of 20 girls and 20 guys, will take the stage to perform in front of a live audience before the judges narrow it down to a Top 20. Once a Top 20 is chosen, America takes over the voting again.

Ladies first! This week, the 10 girls started off the performances. Last night, the first 10 took the stage and the judges chose 5 to move on. Tonight, 10 of the guys will go and the judges will again pick 5 to stay. Next week, the process continues.

The first girls into the Top 20 are: Teena Torres, Kree Harrison, Angela Miller, Amber Holcomb, and Adriana Latonio.

Representing country music right now is Kree Harrison. Kree is an aspiring country singer who lives in Nashville and briefly had a record deal with Lyric Street. Last night, she sang Patty Griffith’s “Up To The Mountain.” I automatically compare covers of this song to Kelly Clarkson‘s breathtaking version that she wowed us with on Idol Gives Back in 2007, but Kree did a very good job with it and got a standing O from Keith & Nicki!

Kree was one of my favorites last night. Another was Angela Miller, who performed one of her original songs and continues to impress with her talent. I think they are two to watch this season!

My other favorite was country singer, Brandy Hotard. I think she has a great voice and was one of the best female contestants. Needless to say, I was very disappointed that she was eliminated and thought the judges made a mistake letting her go.

It’s been quite a while since a woman has won American Idol. Let’s see if the ladies have what it takes this season! Will they finally take the crown back from the guys?

Share your thoughts with us! Who was your favorite contestant last night? Did you agree with the judges’ decisions? Who would you have advanced to the next round?

Tune into Fox tonight at 8 p.m. est. to see the first 10 guys perform!

If you missed last night’s episode, here are videos of Kree and Angela’s performances:


Kree Harrison – Vegas Singoff – American Idol 12 by IdolxMuzic


Angela Miller – Vegas Singoff – American Ido 12 by IdolxMuzic