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Blake Shelton Shares a Gift From Adam Levine

Blake Shelton Adam Levine

Blake Shelton has been rather quiet since Season 5 of The Voice came to an end. Fear not! Blake is alive, well, and hasn’t changed a bit since you last heard from him. Well, strike that. He is a bit more blessed than he was before, as the Shelton/Lambert household gained another member.

In a video, Blake explained to fans that he missed being outdoors and has kept a low profile lately to enjoy some time in nature. He also promised everyone that his excessive drinker status is accurate and not just made for TV. Most importantly, Blake discussed his bromance with fellow The Voice judge, Adam Levine.

Blake Shelton: Adam Levine Isn’t Making Right Choices

Blake Shelton. photo credit: Warner Music Nashville.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Blake Shelton admitted that he doesn’t have much faith in coach Adam Levine‘s choices on The Voice this season. Blake believes that Adam’s ego from winning the first season is getting in the way of making the decisions Blake thinks he should have been making.

“Adam’s winning just because he can say he won last year. I’m not saying that I am going to win this year, but I don’t think that Adam is going to win this year.”

Blake, who is never one to shy away from saying what he thinks, continues:

“Now he’s inside of his own, he thinks he knows it all, all of a sudden because he won last year, he’s making really bad, really bad decisions for his team I want to go on record saying I think Adam is making really bad coaching decisions.”

What do you think? Are you on Blake’s side and think that Adam’s team doesn’t have a shot to win this year? Or do you think that Adam’s team will earn the crown for the second year in a row?

Blake Shelton & Adam Levine Cover People Magazine

Blake Shelton.

Looks like The Voice might have been one of the smartest decisions Blake Shelton has made in his career so far. He shares the cover of People magazine with fellow Voice coach Adam Levine – even bumping out Jessica Simpson‘s baby shower news for the top spot!

They share secrets, or not-so-secrets, on their friendship in the issue, including what they think of fellow coach, and often banter target, Christina Aguilera.

“A few weeks ago somebody asked me, ‘What about you and Adam’s bromance. Is there anything to it?’ ” Shelton, 35, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

“And I sputtered off, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make out with him.’ The next thing you read is, ‘Blake wants to kiss Adam.’ Man, I can’t believe how …”

“True that is?” interjects Levine, 33.

The two admit that they never thought they’d get as close as they have with each other. They’ve even been out on double dates with Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, and Adam’s supermodel girlfriend Anne V. There’s only one thing the pair want to settle once and for all with their fans:

Stop using the word “Bromance.” “Can we please kill that stupid term?” he asks. “We’re just friends. It’s called friendship!”

Find out everything on their friendship in the new issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday.

“The Voice” Returns For Season 5

The Voice Season 5 Promo

The Voice returns on September 23rd! Raise your hand if you’re excited. Did you do it? Ok, good!

The original gang is back together for Season 5… Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, & CeeLo Green all return to their awesomely cool spin chairs.

NBC also just announced the teams’ advisors for this cycle. Music legend Cher will assist Blake, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder will join Adam, Ed Sheeran will work with Christina, and Miguel will team up with CeeLo.

Shelton has won the past three season of The Voice. The only other coach to take home a win is Levine for Season 1. Can Blake do it again?!

Tune into NBC on Sept. 23rd for the new season of The Voice.

And in the meantime, check out this hilarious promo:

Blake Shelton Album news

Blake Shelton. photo credit: Warner Music Nashville.

Great news for Blake Shelton fans this morning! The Oklahoma superstar announced himself on The TODAY Show with Hoda & Kathy Lee details on his brand new studio album! Blake will be releasing “Based On A True Story” on March 26th. The album will feature his current hot single “Sure Be Cool If You Did.”

Blake’s new album will be released just in time for a new season of NBC’s The Voice, which he’ll be returning for again. There’s been a few changes to the Teams on the fourth season: Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green have taken a single-season break to work on their careers and will be temporarily replaced for a season by Shakira and Usher. Adam Levine will be back once again to challenge Blake. Do you think Blake can win three seasons in a row? The new season of The Voice kicks off March 25th – the day before his album release.

In case you’re just waiting for more television time from the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year, you can catch Blake’s guest appearance on Reba McEntire‘s new sitcom, “Malibu Country,” on March 1st. Blake plays Blake, Reba’s brother.

See the full track listing, and album cover, for Blake’s new album below. Will you be picking up a copy when it hits shelves on March 26th?

Exclusive Interview: New Artist Apryl Evans


It’s not everyday that you meet a mega-talented country singer from New Jersey. Yes, from the land of Snooki and the Situation, at least one person is keeping country music alive. She recorded her first EP “The Things You Left Behind” at Blackbird Studios, the home of Martina McBride and her voice and styling recall the likes of Martina & Sara Evans. We at Keepin’ It Country would like to introduce you to Apryl Evans. You may not know her name yet, but we promise you will.

KIC: For those readers who may be ‘meeting’ you for the first time in this blog, can you give us a little bit of a back story as to how you became a singer/songwriter?

AE: The story of how I ended up on this path actually starts way back when I was only nine years old and tried out to sing the part of Belle from Beauty and the Beast in a school concert, having no idea whether or not I even had a voice worth listening to. Well, needless to say, I ended up getting the part and my music teacher had no idea what kind of monster she had just created (laughs). For the longest time though, I just used my voice to sing at local concerts and high school/college events and what not, but that all changed the day I stumbled upon a songwriting group a few years ago and discovered that songwriting is such amazing therapy. Once that happened, I knew I needed to get my music recorded and share it with the world!

The Voice Renewed for 2 More Seasons

The Voice. photo: NBC

Looks like Blake Shelton will be staying at home on NBC for a little while longer. NBC announced that The Voice will have a fourth and fifth season this week, but with some big changes… superstars Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green will take a break in the fourth season, but are expected to return for the fifth. Replacing them for a season will be Shakira and Usher. Blake and Adam Levine will remain as coaches throughout the next two seasons.

NBC will be sticking to two seasons a year of The Voice – so it may be some sad news hoping to see Blake on-tour next year.

“With the addition of Usher and Shakira as rotating coaches to join Christina, , Adam and Blake in the next cycle, we know that this incredibly addictive program will remain even more relevant as we move forward through this exciting season,” NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said. “My hat is off to John de Mol, Mark Burnett, and everyone who produces this classy and highly entertaining show for us.”


The Voice’s third season is on-air now. What team do you think is the strongest so far? Do you think Team Blake has it in them to win the title for the second year in a row?

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With 2 Steel Girls

2 Steel Girls.

Two weeks ago, Blake Shelton picked the first duo of the season on NBC’s The Voice, the mother-daughter team of 2 Steel Girls. It was a big moment for the pair, who have had to hide the secret of being on Team Blake since the episode was taped earlier this year. For country fans who are wondering just who exactly the talented pair are, we sat down for a call last week with the friendly, and sweet, ladies to find out exactly who they were and what fans can expect from them musically. Turns out the second time was the lucky one for one member.

The duo is a family affair: with Allison Steel (mom) and Krystal Steel (daughter). Their son/brother and father/husband are part of their band, and you know they’ll be going places when their first live performance was at the iconic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Get to know the duo before they make it big – because they will. While they earned America’s attention with their blind audition of Carrie Underwood‘s “Before He Cheats,” find out why Krystal isn’t such a fan of the performance (but the coaches were!).

Check out our exclusive interview with 2 Steel Girls from The Voice below and let us know what you think about Team Blake’s chances for a repeat championship this year:

Recap: The Voice: Episode 2 – Meet Harry Potter & The Music Man

The Voice Logo
I’ll blame it on technical difficulties, but I may or may not have missed most of the first episode of “The Voice.” I just assumed (and you know what happens when you assume…) that my DVR would record the show, but alas, that wasn’t the case. I’ll be attempting to catch a repeat sometime soon, but, on to episode two!
Luckily for slackers like me, we get a brief recap of the first episode and I learn that each judge – Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton – will get teams of 16! Holy cow, what is this, pee-wee soccer?! They each grabbed two contestants in the season premiere, including a guy who sings “Listen” better than Beyonce and a bunch of other random people who sing, cry and have REALLY sad histories. 

Our first contestant tonight is 22-year-old Brooklynite, Adriana Louise. I can tell immediately by her tight dress and judges’-chair-matching lipstick that she’s going to garner a creepy CeeLo smile. She wails through Jessie J‘s “Domino,” and all of the judges turn around. CeeLo makes some weird comments about a wedding, but it’s Christina’s finger-wiggling and debut CD (the first Adriana ever bought) that convince her to join “Team XTina.” 

The Voice Releases New Promo Ad


If your summer has felt a little dry in the singing show department, fear not because the drought is almost over. In a little over a month, the Fab 4 of “The Voice” will be back on your TV screens, and they are all out for blood. In this new promo released by NBC, Christina, Adam, Cee-Lo and Blake perform some Matrix-esque stunts. Although we’re not sure what this has to do with singing, we’re more than happy to watch Adam Levine do pretty much…anything on TV.

“The Voice” returns to NBC on September 10th, and although we have yet to hear any contestants, we’re going to back our country boy and officially declare ourselves “Team Blake.”

Check out the promo here: