EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Jo Dee Messina’s “Me” on Monday

We are finally into March … You know what that means? It is the month of Jo Dee Messina‘s album release, and it’s about darn time! We have been loving every moment of providing you all with our weekly reviews of tracks on the upcoming album, Me, and we are especially excited to tell you about “Like a Kid Again.”

While there are some deep, emotional songs on Me, other songs are more carefree and light. “Like a Kid Again,” though it can definitely cause you to sit back and evaluate how fast your life seems to fly by, is the type of song that also makes you want to let loose, be young and free, and just enjoy the moments before they pass. As adults, we all experience the burden of adulthood, whether it is the stresses of work, the responsibility of paying bills, or the roller coaster ride that is raising children of our own. Some days, don’t you just want to be silly and free, just like you were able to before being a grown up meant all of these things?

“Like a Kid Again” is a whimsical song that makes you want to swing as high as you can, fly down a slide, hang from the monkey bars, and look up to the sky and soak in a beautiful day. Jo Dee sings, “Spin in circles till we fall down laughing, all your days begin and end in make believe and just pretend. Running barefoot in the rain, oh life was just a game. I’d trade all this real just to feel like a kid again.” You can’t help but grin as you hear this song, as you can hear in Jo Dee’s vocals that she is singing through her own smile. If you close your eyes and envision Jo Dee in a studio recording this song, chances you are you, too, are picturing her with her eyes closed, head tilted slightly upward toward the sky, swaying and smiling as she solidifies her place in our hearts as one of the most reliable artists we know.

Make no mistake, “Like a Kid Again” isn’t about wishing to go back in time and erase the present, but rather, just reminiscing about a simpler time and wanting (and allowing yourself) to re-live that time for a bit. And who says we can’t? We challenge you to allow this track to inspire you, put reality on the back burner, if only for a little while, and do something childlike and innocent.

Remember, there are only three weeks left until Me is released, and you can pre-order your copy of the album on iTunes today. Jo Dee also recently revealed merchandise bundles on her website, which range from autographed copies of Me to albums, T-shirts, and bags. Check out these bundles before they are sold out!

Image courtesy of Team Jo Dee Messina

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