Travis Tritt to Narrate Walt Disney Biopic

Country star Travis Tritt will be lending his distinct voice to a new project this year, acting as narrator on a new Walt Disney biopic. The film, titled As Dreamers Do, is set to be released independently this spring.

“When I first read through the script in my head, it was in the voice of Travis Tritt,” said director Logan Sekulow. “I grew up listening to him and I’m a big fan. This role needed someone who could be warm and that the audience could trust. I was thrilled when I heard that he wanted to do it. As a director, it is great to see the vision you have play out on film exactly how it did in your head.”

In addition to narrating, Tritt has written a song for the movie, entitled “That’s What Dreamers Do.” View the trailer for As Dreamers Do, which includes a clip of Tritt’s narration, on