Review: Ross Cooper’s “Give It Time”

In a day and age where country music is inching closer to the border of pop, a new artist emerges and takes us back to the roots of our beloved genre. Ross Cooper is entering the scene with a song that drips with honesty and explores the ongoing pain involved with rejection and heartache.

“Give It Time” is a quiet and simplistic ode to facing pain and exploring its propensity to linger. “It makes no difference to me where the pain starts cause there’s always hurt in life,” croons Cooper. “What won’t kill us first, my friends, give it time, just give it time, give it time, just give it time.” Cooper, ultimately, finds a ray of hope and pleads that if grace lifts him back up after his fall, his wounds will heal. However, the forthright lyrics painstakingly remind us that hurt is a demon that is hard to conquer.

With Cooper’s gritty vocals, coupled with an air of helplessness, the project exudes pain in the most truthful way. “Give It Time” transports classic country into the twenty-first century in a way that today’s country fans can relate to, appreciate, and embrace.

Cooper’s album, also entitled Give It Time, will be released on March 18th.

Image Courtesy of Ross Cooper

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