Legendary Bellamy Brothers Make History

Renowned country duo the Bellamy Brothers have just wrapped up a number of tour dates in India and Sri Lanka, including three sold out shows. After returning to the United States this week, the brothers discovered that they made history as the first country artists to tour in these countries. David and Howard Bellamy were both thrilled and humbled by this news.

“When we arrived, they told us no other country act had ever toured in these countries, which came as a bit of a surprise,” explains David Bellamy.  “Collectively, the populations of India and Sri Lanka total about 1.3 billion and we learned that these people are huge fans of our music.  We sold out every show and there are already other offers on the table for us to go back and tour again soon.  It was a very rewarding experience for us.

Howard Bellamy concurred saying, “It was rejuvenating to tour two countries that we have never been to.  It made me think back to the beginning of our career and the excitement of a new experience.  Nothing gives you a broader outlook on the rest of the world than touring in countries like India and Sri Lanka.  The fact that we appealed to a broad demographic in both countries and that these folks knew all the words to our songs was very special for us.”

Their Asian tour may have ended, but the brothers have little time to rest. They have over 100 US tour dates scheduled for the duration of 2014 as well as a number of international dates in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Canada.

Not only can fans catch the Bellamy Brothers on tour this year, they can also expect some new music! The brothers will release a 3 song EP and music video in late May/early June and a 40th anniversary album complete with 15 new songs and 15 #1 hits in spring 2015.

They also plan to work on new music as they tour internationally, collaborating with Brazilian rocker Eduardo Araújo and Swiss rock star Gölä, with whom they have collaborated in the past.

The Bellamy Brothers have quite a busy year ahead of them that is sure to make fans all over the world excited! For a complete list of US and international tour dates, visit www.bellamybrothers.com.

Photo courtesy of Bellamy Brothers’ Facebook

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