EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Jo Dee Messina’s “Me” on Monday

We are one week closer to Platinum-selling recording artist and Grammy-nominee, Jo Dee Messina‘s, album release. We are “Breaking It Down” for you here: Me, a project that is very dear to Jo Dee’s and her fan’s hearts, will become available on March 18, 2014. Every drop of blood, ounce of sweat, and stream of tears aided in making this one of her best projects to date.

This week, seven weeks before the big day, the selected track off Me is “Breaking It Down.” “Breaking It Down” is about a relationship where there seems to be a communication disconnect and, no matter how much the woman tries to explain to the man exactly what she needs from him, he just doesn’t seem to understand. Ultimately, the woman reaches her breaking point, can’t continue to fight so hard for her happiness in the relationship, and opts to walk away. Or, in alternate meaning, some might say this could be a message from Jo Dee to her former record label …

Jo Dee’s vocals on this track will take you back to the beginning, when you first fell in love with this artist. Jo Dee is a sassy powerhouse who makes every word she utters believable. Jo Dee sings “‘Cause I feel that you oughta know that I need more than I’ve been getting out of you. I’m tired of excuses, this is useless, so now, I’m breaking it down” in a way that you can envision yourself driving down the street, windows down, belting along with her in a moment when you feel as though you need freedom (albeit likely not in key). The bridge, which is the most catchy part of the song, says “I’m breaking it down step-by-step, line-by-line. I’m breaking it down so you know why it’s crumbled to the ground.” The beat of this portion of the song makes you want to clap your hands and will, undoubtedly, be a crowd favorite when Jo Dee takes her new music out on the road for her adoring fans.

Remember, there are only seven weeks left until this iconic female country singer releases this very personal album, reconnects with old fans, and welcomes new. We will see you back here next week as we continue to celebrate the upcoming release of Jo Dee Messina’s Me.

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