Exclusive Interview: Catching Up with Brandon Chase

We first had the opportunity to chat with Brandon Chase last April, long before he caught Blake Shelton‘s eye on The Voice or had legions of loyal “Chasers” eagerly anticipating his every musical move. Since our very first interview, we’ve kept our tabs on Brandon, chatting with him periodically throughout the show, and now, we can’t watch to catch you up on what the future has in store for this Texan talent.

Since leaving The Voice, the ever-humble Brandon admits that his life hasn’t changed all too much. “As soon as The Voice ended, I just kept doing exactly what I was doing beforehand – working on my craft, doing everything I can to create new music and get it out to the fans.” He says, “Through all that, I’m trying to start up a tour to travel around and meet fans in different states and whatnot that haven’t had the chance to see me live. It’s been kind of usual, just working hard and doing what I do, which is music. There’s definitely been some doors that have been opened that might not have been without The Voice being there.”

One of those doors include the opportunity to bring new music to his constantly growing and loyal fan base. He’s currently working on an album, which he describes as “higher quality and just more me,” as well as “ten times better than anything I’ve ever put out.” Brandon admits that he can’t wait for fans to hear the new tunes. “I’m extremely excited. I feel like it meets the standard of where music’s out today and it just gives me hope to be a success on radio and I just hope that people will accept it and receive it.”

As for his sound, don’t expect a rapid departure than what originally endeared Brandon to you. He’ll be sticking to his classic country/pop soun d, with some interesting pop sounds combining with his deep country roots. Fans will get their first taste of new music from Brandon on March 4th, when he releases his first single, aptly titled “One.” “It’s kind of nice and ironic that it’s going to be my first radio single and it’s called ‘One.'”

The track was written by three of Nashville’s heaviest hitters, including Zach Crowell (“Cop Car”), Jaron Boyer and Randy Montana. Brandon admits he was an instant fan of the track. “The first time I heard it, I just loved it and wanted to record it,” Brandon recalls. “Once we got in the studio and started working with it, we just fell in love with it even more and felt like it needed to be the first one out to make a statement that this is the direction of the album and what to expect.”

To get fans involved in the making of his album, Brandon has launched a Kickstarter campaign. There, fans can contribute various amounts of money in return for various gifts from Brandon and a sense of ownership in the album. “I just think it’s cool for people to be able to say, ‘Man I contributed to the album,’ or that they’re listening to it and can feel like ‘If it wasn’t for me, this album wouldn’t have happened.’ I just want people to feel like they’re including in the project and that they have a role in it, and an important role because they do.”

As Brandon works on his album, he’s very aware of his fans who have gotten him this far. “I want people to feel like they’re a part of what I’m doing and I want to keep people in the loop as much as I can, just kind of being with me through the process of everything,” He tells me. “If I didn’t have fans that were going to listen to it, there’d be no point in making the album. I’m making it for the fans and I want people to feel like they’re a part of it.”

As for what the rest of 2014 has in store, Brandon says he hopes to release the album sometime this summer, making sure it’s the best quality possible. Additionally, he’ll be hitting the road on a radio tour once the single is released. He’ll be performing on an acoustic stage at this month’s CRS (Country Radio Seminar), as well as around the Dallas area. From there, he hopes to take his music further and meet the fans who have taken him this far in his journey.

There are big things in store for Brandon this year, and he’s anxiously anticipating his forthcoming releases. “Really, I just can’t wait for everyone to hear the single – I hope you guys are going to like it.”

I’m pretty sure we will.

If you’d like to contribute to Brandon’s Kickstarter campaign, you can do that here. Also make sure to follow him on Twitter @BrandonJChase for more information.