REVIEW: Lucy Hale’s Album Sneak Peek

Lucy Hale is making her rounds doing radio station events to promote her upcoming album, and she recently stopped into 103.1 WIRK in South Florida. Lucy took the stage at country nightclub, Renegades, to give fans a glimpse at who Lucy is beyond her role as Aria Montgomery on ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars. We were fortunate enough to be among those who were on the receiving end of four songs that will appear on Lucy’s debut country album.

Lucy kicked off her short set with “Goodbye Gone,” which is a song about getting over your relationship and moving on with your life. During her performance of this song, it was easy to see that Lucy has acting experience because she made the audience feel her freedom and confidence, while the banjo strummed in the background. This song has a classic country sound with a modern message of female independence.

Lucy continued her show with “From the Backseat,” a song that tells the tale of learning how to love from watching the way your parents interact with one another. The song begins with a young girl in the backseat, watching the sweet way her father treats her mother and figuring out what true love is about. Fast forward a bit and the little girl is now a teenager and has a love of her own. The two share special moments on dark roads and in the backseat of a car, never forgetting that she has both witnessed and felt love while in that very spot. The song exudes a positive message of the never-ending kind of love that is infectious and leaves an impact on the lives of everyone who has the opportunity to see it.

The next song, “Road Between,” was chosen by a fan in the audience who seemed to know every single word of Lucy’s soon-to-be-released songs. Lucy explained that this song is special to her because it defines who she is as a person today. The song, as its title foreshadows, is about being stuck in a place in your life where you are not quite sure what is next for you. A point in time where you are learning so much about yourself, trying to figure out where your path is leading, and tackling life with a “trial by error” approach, understanding and accepting that mistakes may happen along the way, but never giving up, despite the bumps in the road.

Photo by Sara Kauss /

Photo by Sara Kauss /

Lastly, Lucy performed the song her fans were waiting for – her current single (which is being added to radio this coming Monday, February 3rd), “You Sound Good To Me.” As we opined in a previous review of this single, the track is upbeat, happy, and will make listeners smile, dance, and sing along. Lucy shared with the audience that she was given this song very late in the album-making process, but the moment she heard it, she knew she wanted to record and release it as her first single. Most importantly though, Lucy felt connected to the song in a way where she knew that fans would get acquainted with her as Lucy Hale, as opposed to Aria Montgomery.

Also, it must be said that Lucy’s band member, Scotty, who had already shown us his vast talents in the previous songs by singing backup and playing banjo and guitar, was absolutely exceptional on “You Sound Good To Me.” During this performance, he played the violin and not only used his bow to do so, but strummed the strings as well. Scotty added so much depth and uniqueness to the song that his magnificence could not go unrecognized.

Throughout the show, Lucy interacted adorably with excited fans, answering questions, wishing “Happy Birthdays” to those who were shouting it was their special day, and pointing out fans whom she could see singing along with her. Lucy was humble, comical, and truly appreciative of the fans accepting her in the music industry and, with the utmost class and sophistication, discussed how thankful she is to Pretty Little Liars for providing her with the ability to circle back to her first true love, which is country music.

Photo by Sara Kauss /

Photo by Sara Kauss /

The audience welcomed Lucy to country music with open arms and we cannot wait to hear her album when it is released in Spring of this year. We are certain that Lucy Hale will not be struggling on the road between long, as it is clear that her path in music is well-paved and her journey is just beginning.

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