EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Jo Dee Messina’s “Me” on Monday

Country music superstar, Jo Dee Messina, is releasing her next studio album, Me, on March 18, 2014. As you may already know, this album is quite unique in the sense that Jo Dee’s fans played a major role in all aspects of the project, from funding the production to choosing the songs and album title.

Beginning today, we will be counting down the weeks until Jo Dee’s big album release, which symbolizes Jo Dee’s hard work and dedication to her craft, as well as her artistic freedom to release exactly the kind of music she and her fans want. In anticipation of the release, we will provide weekly reviews of each of the twelve tracks off the album, starting today and ending on March 17, 2014.

In the past, we have mentioned three specific songs off Me – “Peace Sign” (which was released to radio), “Me,” and “A Woman’s Rant.” All three of these songs have been performed by Jo Dee during recent shows, each showcasing her effervescent vocals and timelessness as a country music artist.

“Peace Sign,” which is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek song about being blindsided with a breakup when you thought the relationship was on the right track, exemplifies Jo Dee’s precious personality and fun-loving sense of humor, while proving that the Grammy nominee still has “it.” We have said it before and we will say it again, Jo Dee is back with a vengeance and an album to back it up, and if you don’t believe she is here for the long haul, well, we’re “just saying goodbye one finger shy of the peace sign.”

“Me,” the title track on the album, is a ballad about the struggles of trying to be everybody’s everything and the fear that you aren’t enough to accomplish that daunting task. During our October 2013 interview with Jo Dee, we were lucky enough to get a short serenade of this heartfelt track. Jo Dee sang, “I’m somebody’s daughter, I’m somebody’s friend, a shoulder to lean on no matter when. I’m somebody’s teacher when they don’t understand. I’ve got a seat in the bleachers, I’m the world’s biggest fan … I wish I was half the woman I’ve gotta be. I wish I had all the answers right in front of me. I’m everything to everyone and I’m scared as I can be ’cause when I look into the mirror, all I see is me.” This song speaks to those who feel they are pulled in many different directions and aren’t sure how much longer they can be everything to everyone. Jo Dee’s incomparable ability to emote through her music is evident in this track and her vocals are reminiscent of her “Bring On the Rain” days. Veteran Jo Dee fans and new fans alike will have this track on repeat.

“A Woman’s Rant” is a song that we absolutely loved when we heard Jo Dee perform it in December at her Miami show. This track is a recipe for success, with a pure country base, a heaping helping of powerful vocals, a dollop of hilarity, and a dash of feminism. This song will make you smirk, and the smirk won’t leave your face until the second Jo Dee lets out a snarky laugh at the end, at which point you will find yourself laughing alongside her.

These three tracks, which have been introduced to the public during various performances, are at the heart of the album and accompanied by nine other songs, each with as much radio potential as the track before it. Any country music fan will enjoy “Peace Sign,” “Me,” and “A Woman’s Rant,” and appreciate Jo Dee’s salute to a classic country sound with a modern attitude to boot.

Stay tuned for our next track review Monday, and remember, there are SEVEN WEEKS until the release of Me! We assure you, it is well worth the wait!

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