Exclusive Interview: Lexi Luca

If you flip through a photo album of Lexi Luca as a baby, or watch her family’s home movies, you will find a pint-sized, pacified performer. While Lexi’s first music video experiences might have consisted of a pacifier, a microphone, and everyone’s favorite giant purple dinosaur, little Lexi has long since progressed! Even though Lexi is tight-lipped about the best moment of her young career thus far (but she promises we can know soon!), this seventeen-year-old West Palm Beach, Florida native has had quite the musical past and, surely, is facing a bright musical future.

At the age of two, it was clear to Lexi’s family that she had a gift for music. Lexi explained, “I think I shocked my family when I sang my first song at a wedding where I just picked up the microphone and started singing ‘From This Moment’ by Shania Twain, it was more like babbling, but I was just two years old!” Years after Lexi’s public debut, she started taking vocal lessons. Though her lessons were initially short-lived due to her admitted shyness, Lexi bit the bullet, returned to a vocal coach, and has been on the road to stardom since.

Lexi began hitting the studio at the ripe old age of eleven, recording covers, and performing as often as possible at community and charity events. In her early teens, Lexi had an epiphany and realized that she wanted to pursue music as a career. “Watching what artists achieve over the years and just seeing how a new artist finally makes it after years and years of hard work reminds me that I, too, can make it! I just really want to touch the world with my music the way some of my favorite artists touch me. I want fans to be able to relate to the songs I write and move people with my lyrics. Music is everything to me. If you really think about it what would the world be like without it? It’s like a therapy for everyone. Every song tells a different story and makes you feel a different emotion. I just would love to be a part of the music industry so I can continue to do what I love for a career!” And, along with being a successful musician, Lexi hopes to use her platform in the industry “to keep a good name for [herself] and always be a positive role model.”

Lexi realizes that the life of a musician requires sacrifices, but these are sacrifices the high school Junior is willing to make for the love of her craft. “I love my high school football games, but missed a lot of them this year because of music commitments. I also missed my senior homecoming week and dance because a great opportunity came up and I was out of town. There are many sacrifices and sometimes I might get upset about it because I’m a teen, but when I take a step back and think about it, I’m working toward my music career and nothing is better than that! I miss a lot of school when I am out of town, but I have a tutor that keeps me up on everything that I miss so I get good grades. I still try to make it to some school events, I hang out with my friends a lot, but music comes first.” Lexi considers music “her sport” and explained that it necessitates “endless practicing, staying healthy and always working hard.”

By virtue of Lexi’s hard work and throughout her evolution as an artist, she has recorded numerous cover videos on YouTube, and has also taken up writing her own music. A glance at Lexi’s YouTube channel proves that this artist is not a fan of the proverbial pigeonhole and has a love and appreciation for music of all genres. That being said, Lexi sees no reason to declare herself an artist of one specific genre and considers herself “country pop with a little R&B twist!” Based on our discussion with Lexi, it seems clear that her formula is quite simple – if the song touches her and she feels as though she can portray it in a way that will touch other people, she will never rule it out. This young budding artist is heart-driven, which can only lead to amazing things.

Lexi doesn’t only cover songs that touch her; she writes them as well. Lexi explained “I get most of my inspiration from life events, through the ups and downs, there is always something you can write about and turn into a song.” Lexi specifically discussed with us the first original song she co-wrote with her vocal coach. “My very first original song was called ‘Doin It For You.’ My inspiration for this song was, again, a life experience. I lost a friend, Danny McCauley, in a tragic car accident. I was having a tough time with it. Music is filled with emotion, so I couldn’t sing or listen to music … it was just too hard! I shut music out and didn’t sing or listen to a song for months. I ended up writing pages and page about the way I felt losing a friend at such a young age and took those pages and turned it in to a beautiful song for his family and friends to remember him by. I still can’t perform certain songs live because of the emotion that comes with it, and ‘Doin It For You’ is one of them!

Though Lexi has some hesitation about performing certain songs live, this artist couldn’t be more ready to break into the industry and share her talents with music lovers alike. With a sincere passion for singing and getting recognized as a true artist, Lexi continues to push herself to new limits because, as she noted, “it is not an easy industry and there are so many good artists out there, which makes it harder to be discovered.” Because Lexi recognizes the struggles and complexities of surging forward in music world, she holds each and every fan of hers dear to her heart and cherishes the continuous support of her friends, family, and community.

At this time, Lexi is spending time in the studio, working on two original songs, which she cannot wait to share. She also teased that she has “another amazing project that I’ve been working on for almost a year now and also can’t wait to share that with everyone. That will be out in another month! So, just keep an eye out!” We aren’t quite sure what Lexi has on her agenda in the coming months, but she did share with us that she would love to eventually tour with Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan. And, staying true to Lexi’s love for all different types of music, she would also love to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

Check out the videos below for a sneak peek of Ms. Lexi Luca and her range of musical influences, and keep her name in your minds because you will be hearing it soon enough (hey, she DID tell us that something big is coming next month!). We encourage you to visit Lexi’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to follow this artist’s journey, as it sounds like she has some extremely exciting projects in the works! We are eager to see what is next for Lexi, but, with Lexi’s talent, passion, and drive, we know she will make her dreams come true and find the recognition that she is searching for in the music industry. The combination of Lexi’s admirable qualities and extremely positive outlook is an equation for success, and Lexi will continue to push forward until her goals are reached. “I just know that this is only the beginning of a lifelong journey for me, and I won’t give up until I succeed!”

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