EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ashliegh Lisset

Ashliegh Lisset, a country artist from the great state of Texas, is down-to-earth and cognizant of the impact music has on its listeners. That is why Ashliegh strives in her career to be an attainable artist who embraces her ability to relate to fans, while providing herself with a creative outlet. We were privileged to sit down and speak with Ashliegh about her music career aspirations, how she is inspired in her career, and an upcoming announcement of which she gave us a little exclusive sneak preview!

Ashliegh’s story begins differently than most artists’. It is common to hear that artists were singing before they were talking and had a passion for music since they were in diapers. While Ashliegh sang as a young child, she discovered her true passion for music later in life and enveloped herself in this new companion when her world shattered around her. When Ashliegh was eleven years old, her father, who was serving his second tour for Operation Iraqi Freedom, was killed in the line of duty.

During the Thanksgiving prior to his death, Ashliegh’s father asked her to record Carrie Underwood‘s “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” for him. Forty-five days later, before Ashliegh had the opportunity to fulfill her father’s request, he was killed in action. The memory of her father resonated in Ashliegh’s mind and, when, at the age of fifteen, an opportunity presented itself for Ashliegh to become involved with a vocal coach in Nashville, she accepted.

As Ashliegh developed her talent as a vocalist and continued to use music as an escape, she also became involved in writing. When an artist is faced with such tragedy, it is expected that he/she will explore the feelings from that event during the writing process, however, Ashliegh told us that her own experiences are not her sole source of material. “Sometimes things just randomly come to me throughout life. I can look at other people’s personal experiences and I can write about that … Somebody can come to me and say ‘hey look, I’m going through this or that, can you write something about it?’ and I’m like ‘oh yeah, totally.’ I kind of draw inspiration from everywhere.” That isn’t to say that Ashliegh hasn’t frequently used music to help her through her own grief and healing. “It definitely helps me heal because every day I can get up and I can write about how I’m feeling that day and I can get all the emotions out, and singing every single day makes me a lot happier. I love singing with all I have, so being able to do that and knowing that my dad really loved it, as well as my whole family, I’m kind of like ‘okay, I’m making him proud.’ It definitely helped me heal a lot and it still continues to help me heal.”

Channeling her grief and focusing on her music has proven to be fruitful for Ashliegh thus far. She recently opened for Jerrod Niemann in Ohio, an event which Ashliegh simply described as “super exciting!” Ashliegh explained to us that she “was super excited … and it was actually really nerve-wracking because I didn’t know how these people were going to take to me because … I’m somebody they don’t know and I’m coming on the stage and I’m singing, because, you know, they’re there for Jerrod Niemann. But, after I got up there, they really started to get into the music and, so, I got a little less nervous. It was really exciting.”

Through shows such as the one with Jerrod Niemann, Ashliegh has built up quite the respectable fan base and makes it a point to speak to fans whenever she has the chance. Ashliegh also makes sure to show her fans appreciation by communicating with them on social media and “following them” to demonstrate her gratitude for their support. The ever-growing world of social media has helped Ashliegh track her fan base and has allowed her to identify what she is doing to gain exposure with new fans. Specifically, Ashliegh realized that her following increased after she released her single “Kill the Headlights,” which was, coincidentally, co-written by Ashliegh’s inspiration, Carrie Underwood.

Ashliegh explained that her love for Carrie stems from the enormity of her career and her ability to remain humble, despite the success she has experienced since American Idol. “It’s so funny because she’s still that same person after all these years, and I guess a lot of the inspiration, in fact, comes from my dad as well because he was a huge Carrie Underwood fan. And, of course, me not being able to record the song at that time definitely is why she’s one of my role models to be quite honest. I mean, I love Carrie Underwood. Absolutely love her and adore her. I love how sweet she is to her fans and just how she holds herself. I really love that. Not a lot of people do that.” Oh, and for the record, Ashliegh loved the televised version of The Sound of Music (high five, Ashliegh, high five)!

Moving forward, Ashliegh’s musical path is bright enough to travel on its own, so you can just kill the headlights. During our interview, Ashliegh shared with us some extremely exciting and exclusive news. “I … signed with a manager, so a lot more is gonna be happening for me. A release will be coming next week!”

It is clear that Ashliegh has big things within reach; things she never anticipated would happen for her. Ashliegh encourages people “to chase their dreams because I never thought I would be here today, and not everybody has this opportunity. But, if you love something so much, I think that you should go after it one hundred percent and not give up, because I’ve had a lot of people close doors in my face and I’ve had a lot of doors open, and I don’t think negativity should be the reason you stop doing something that you love.”

We would like to thank Ashliegh for taking time to speak with us about her career and the exciting things she has in store. We strongly encourage you to check out “Kill the Headlights” on iTunes by clicking here. And, make sure to stay checked in to Keepin’ It Country, as we will share all the details of Ashliegh’s big announcement early next week!

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