Blake Shelton Shares a Gift From Adam Levine

Blake Shelton has been rather quiet since Season 5 of The Voice came to an end. Fear not! Blake is alive, well, and hasn’t changed a bit since you last heard from him. Well, strike that. He is a bit more blessed than he was before, as the Shelton/Lambert household gained another member.

In a video, Blake explained to fans that he missed being outdoors and has kept a low profile lately to enjoy some time in nature. He also promised everyone that his excessive drinker status is accurate and not just made for TV. Most importantly, Blake discussed his bromance with fellow The Voice judge, Adam Levine.

Blake read a fan question, which asked “are you and Adam really as competitive as you act like you are and does he rub it in when he beats you at anything?” They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and rather than finding words to answer this question, Blake cued the opening of his garage door. Inside was a tremendous copy of Adam’s Sexiest Man Alive People Magazine cover. Blake then eloquently stated “this is why Adam Levine is a complete jackass. It’s also why I love him so much.”

And this video is one of the reasons we love Blake so much. Check it out below:

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