Album Review: Jon Pardi’s “Write You a Song”

We’re sure he’s heard it before, but Jon Pardi has the perfect name for a country singer. His name may not be spelled the same as “party,” but it’s the perfect marketing tool. In fact, it’s unfortunate that the album title “My Kinda Party” was already taken by Jason Aldean because Pardi’s debut album is certainly “My Kind of Pardi.”

Pardi’s debut disc, Write You a Song, hits stores today and features the Top 25 hit “Missin’ You Crazy” and his current, chart-climbing single, “Up All Night.” It’s always the misfortune of the record buyer who purchases an entire album based on singles, only to find out that the single was the exception not the rule. This isn’t the case with Pardi whose first singles display the mood for the rest of the album.

If you’re looking for an album chock full of ballads and sweeping romantic orchestration, this isn’t the album for you. In fact it boasts only one true ballad out of the eleven tracks (ten of which Pardi co-wrote). We suspect the album’s lone ballad, “That Man,” will be a future single with its earnest yearning and ode to being a better man for the girl he loves.

When it comes to songs for a good time, Write You a Song is the perfect soundtrack for that tailgate, BBQ or day out on the lake. Even the songs about loneliness and missing someone, like “Love You From Here” and “Missin’ You Like Crazy,” are accompanied with up-tempo instrumentation that makes them seem much happier than the lyrics would suggest.

Highlights of the album include “Up All Night,” the aforementioned “That Man” and “Chasin’ Them Better Days.” The latter is an ode to an optimistic future as Pardi sings, “I’ve been waiting on sunshine, rolling with the hard times that come my way, chasin’ them better days.”

We suspect that Pardi’s debut album will endear him to those who love a good party anthem or ten of them. Watch out Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan, Jon Pardi is about to crash your party.