Jake Owen’s “Days of Gold” Album Available Now

One of my favorite artists is back with new music!

That’s right, I’m talking about Jake Owen. The country star has released his highly anticipated 4th album, Days of Gold.

Days of Gold is the follow-up to Owen’s gold-certified Barefoot Blue Jean Night. Barefoot achieved great success scoring four consecutive number one singles with “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” “Alone,” “The One That Got Away,” and “Anywhere With You.”

His current release, “Days of Gold,” is the lead single and title track for the new album. It is #22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and climbing! I know I cannot turn on my local country station without hearing it, and I think it’s on the same track for success as its predecessors.

In an interview with Billboard, Owen had this to share about the album:

“I think it’s different. I don’t know if it’s so out there that people would get offended by it. But, we did take a chance. It’s a risk reward thing. I think that as an artist, sometimes for you to grow, you have to take those risks rather than put out the same song each time. You look back on careers of people who had songs that were just a little bit different, and that’s what we did.”

Days of Gold is available everywhere now so grab your copy asap! FYI – there is an exclusive edition of the album, featuring four bonus tracks, that is available only at Target. Makes for a great Christmas gift!

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